Five Ways to Maximise Your Impact

You’ve set up your social media, cleaned up your website, and are sticking to your communications strategy and plan. You have laid your foundation – so now what?

The stage you are in now is really what I like to refer to as ‘play.’Once you’ve established which social media channels are working for you and your online presence reflects your business goals and highlights your story it is time to play! This stage is about figuring out what resonates with your customers, determining what type of content stands out, and maintaining your presence.

Remember these five things as you are maximising your impact online this year:

1. Social Media: You already know that social media is like the town square. The town square used to be the place that people gathered to hear about new ideas, meet new people, and buy and sell goods. The town square is now online … Think about your target audience and their habits to make sure you are on the right social channels. Maybe it is time to add a new one like we suggested last month or get rid of one that isn’t performing.

2. Maintaining a strong website: If social media is the town square – your website is your home. Your social media points to your website. Your website is the one place you get to own the message entirely and showcase all the things that explain what you do best. Use this phase to make sure information, content, and images on your website are up to date, relevant, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate.

3. Endorsements: This is as simple as word-of-mouth - ask people to spread the word! Give customers, clients, and contacts a nudge and ask them to follow you and your business, ask them to engage with your posts, and get them to leave a review. Ask those ambassadors of your brand to write (or record) testimonials for your website. Remind your advocates consistently to keep talking about you online. Figure out which calls to action produce the biggest online response – and repeat.

4. Content, Content, Content: A blog is a cost-effective and organic way to organise and feature your content online. Content is not just words – but photos, videos, and graphics. The more relevant your content is, the more people will share. Your goal online should be to give your audience shareable content.

5. Influencers: Influencers can have and command a lot of attention in your target market. When you put yourself on their radar, it creates the potential to tap into their massive following to improve brand awareness and increase your impact. It is like someone important in the town square is walking around with you and letting people know they think you are credible. Influencers create their own content about your product or brand and share it with their large following – which can generate an increase in followers and traffic for your business. You can also invite them to do a guest blog or simply to engage with the content you’ve already posted on your social media channels. Engaging influencers is a huge step towards maximising your impact online.

Stay organised and take notes – write down what content seems to be performing the best, which influencers are really resonating with your audience, and what is driving the most traffic back to your website. Play with your strategy this month as you start to expand your online tactics to maximise impact.

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