December 2021 Business News

Fernie Counselling and Consulting
1601 11 Ave 250-423-2608

Feeling stuck? Hurt? Tired of talking about your distressing situation? Don’t talk about it, process it. Soar to new heights with EMDR therapy, a proven, effective, fast, neurological process that allows for
processing memories.

Have you ever experienced that will power, awareness, and determination are not enough for change?

Fernie Counselling & Consulting now offers EMDR intensives. EMDR is the fastest growing evidence-based therapy available today that has resulted in 85% -90% recovery. This methodology transforms your brain’s neural networks which supports optimal mental health. This is a deep psycho-neurological brain change that benefit adults, teens, and children. Fernie Counselling and Consulting offers the options of one-hour sessions to intensive multi day treatment. Have an expert work with you – Cheryl Hulburd is an EMDR trained, certified and approved consultant with EMDR Canada and EMDR International Association, and Certified and Registered Play Therapist.

Visit to learn more.

Fernie Museum
491 2nd Ave

Sue Boyd and other current and former members of the Fernie Ski Patrol partnered with the Fernie Museum to create an exciting and relevant exhibit launching this winter season.

The Dragon Tamers is a timeline following the development of the avalanche control program at Fernie Snow Valley/ Fernie Alpine Resort from 1975 to today’s systems and procedures, including interesting details on the Griz Chair disaster. There are two panels with photos and info, as well as many artifacts such as an avalauncher, weather equipment, old
signs, etc.

The Land of Thundering Snow, a travelling exhibit from the Revelstoke Museum and Archives, augments the story by explaining avalanches and how to control them. Both will be on display at the Fernie Museum from December 4 until the end of March. Visit

Snow Valley Christmas Cheer Committee
The Snow Valley Christmas Cheer Committee is back at it again, raising funds to support those in our community who have been struggling this past year. Up until November 30, 2021 they accepted nominations from community members with a back story, and they continue to accept donations via e-transfer at

Their mandate is that nobody should be left behind, and over the years the duo behind this committee, Rhoda Burrows-Deluca and Jeri Mitchell, have brightened up many individuals and families during the holiday season.

For more information, visit Snow Valley Christmas Cheer Committee on Facebook or send them a private message.

“Thanking you in advance.” - Rhoda and Jeri