August New Business

Fernie Green Clean & Organizing, 250-423-0506
A Resident for eight years and loving the quaint mountain town, Sara McFarlane decided people could benefit from her environmentally friendly ways of thinking and now offers an environmentally responsible cleaning service. All cleaning products are 100% natural, utilizing the Norwex brand. For days when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need someone to do a quick tidy up before guests arrive, or just for you, give her a call. Sara also offers organizational services, whether it is a closet, photos, or a garage. After the purging and organizing, she recycles household goods and clothing to promote reuse rather than refuse. Whether it is for consignment, a charitable organization, recycling or to the transfer station (as the last resort of course), she takes care of it for you. If you don’t need help organizing, but have unwanted items such as recycling, Sara can ensure that the items are brought to the appropriate place. Her organizational skills are not limited to organizing your home; she can help organize anything from a social gathering to grocery shopping, or running small errands.

Getting people to become more environmentally friendly and aware is her goal. For more information or a free consultation contact Sara directly. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.