August Business News

Fernie EcoGarden, 250-423-3482
The EcoGarden in collaboration with the Fernie Mountain Market now offers the Garden2Market stall every Sunday at the Fernie Mountain Market - a solution for sourcing locally grown flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables and berries.

The produce at the Garden2Market booth is grown at the EcoGarden, as well as in gardens throughout the community. Local growers and gardeners are encouraged to drop off their excess garden produce at the EcoGarden’s Garden2Market stall between 9:00 and 9:45am on Sundays in Rotary Park from now until Labor Day Weekend. The EcoGarden staff sets the purchase price (suggestions are welcome), and sell the produce throughout the day. A 20% fee is collected from all sales, so local gardeners have the opportunity to profit from their own gardens and contribute to EcoGarden projects at the same time.

The EcoGarden has also recently recorded a great increase in questions from people in the community concerning alternatives to conventional lawns. They feel a conventional lawn is an unsustainable option which consumes an excessive amount of water, fossil fuels/hydropower for mowing, and time and labour to maintain.

The EcoGarden aims to support the Fernie community in its move toward pesticide- free lawns and have designed and planted a new garden to assist those searching for more sustainable options for their lawn and gardens. The Lawn Alternatives garden offers a demonstration area where you can view the alternatives to the conventional lawn, like clover, no-mow grasses and ground covers. Along with an informational brochure, the EcoGarden hopes that this garden will give Fernie property owners some options for beautiful landscaping while moving toward being pesticide free.

The Wildsight Elk Valley Branch and the Community EcoGarden gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Columbia Basin Trust, a regional corporation created to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin