Andy Coe - Giv’ Er Shirt Works

In 2010 I decided I needed to travel, two years later I found myself in Canada for the winter season. Not long after that I met my husband, Jesse. Jesse was offered a job with Non-Stop here in Fernie for the following winter, a place I had never heard of, but was pleasantly surprised by its beauty and charm the moment we arrived.

I remember coming in to Giv’ Er Shirt Works that winter with Jesse for his first print for And What Apparel and meeting Erin Summers, who said, “People come for winter, stay for summer and then never leave.” I thought nothing of it until summer was in full swing and realized she was right!

I have been in retail on and off throughout my working life. I was drawn to fashion in my early 20s and enjoyed making every item my own. I then discovered that the retail industry was somewhere I could be creative and help others, two things I revel in. Over the past ten years I have seen the retail sector grow immensely, thanks to the Internet. I have to give a shout out to Fashion Bloggers, as they have really pushed the retail/fashion industry to reassess itself and take into account that fashion is for everyone, everywhere.

Just over a month ago I came on board here at Giv’ Er as Account Manager/Retail Manager. This is a place where I can really help people customize their items to suit their needs. Giv’ Er also has a great retail space. We are a blend of tourism with mountain town life. We sell a variety of items, from Fernie hoodies and hats to discs for the local Disc Golf course.

I have been working with our team to create the winter 16/17 line, which I am really stoked about! It will be in store soon, check our Instagram for updates @givershirtworks.

Q. Fernie’s best kept secret…
A. The arcade upstairs in the Vogue Theatre!

Q. My preferred way to explore Fernie is…
A. On foot with a friend and my dog – it’s slow but allows you to really take everything in.

Q. The community of Fernie is known for changing visitors to residents because…
A.  Fernie has a great and supportive community of people who appreciate that they get to live in such a wonderful place. We look after our town and each other.

Q. The perfect way to spend an evening in Fernie is…
A. With friends, who become your family.