Adding a Platform

New year, new you – right? This is the time of year you should really take a moment to reflect on your own social media presence.

How did social media go last year? What did you accomplish? What’s the next challenge?

It could be time to add a second platform to your social media repertoire. Consider these five questions before signing up for your next account.

Is this business or personal?

There is something to be said about building your personal brand online. Your personal online presence helps your business by showcasing your expertise and experience. If you are the face of your organization, it also helps solidify corporate values and personality.

A great place to start is LinkedIn, your own personal presence there can complement your business’s brand. Your LinkedIn profile can share links to your Company Page, talk about your role in the business, show a behind the scenes look, and share tips about your industry.

Does this complement your current platform?

Do not pick a new platform because you think it is trendy – or because your 12-year-old told you it was (and don’t rule platforms out for those reasons either). Pick a platform that complements what you have already. If your business is on LinkedIn, make sure your personal LinkedIn is up to date and sharing updates. If your business is on Facebook maybe a business Instagram account is the way to go since these platforms easily integrate when it comes to advertising and posting. Think about how platforms can help one another grow even more.

Have you considered your target audience?

Just as our businesses evolve our target audiences might too. Reflect on last year’s social media goals and remind yourself who you were trying to reach. Each social media platform has a unique audience that is its top user – while people use multiple platforms there are certain audience types that use certain social media platforms more than others. Remember, those that see your information on multiple channels are being reminded of your brand (that is a good thing), so even if your target audience is not changing multiple platforms can be beneficial.

What content can be leveraged?

Adding a new platform should mean that you have more work to do – but it should not overwhelm you. Remember to review content you are already creating and think strategically about how you can best leverage it online. Do you make a lot of presentations? Maybe LinkedIn is the way to go so you can easily share your PowerPoint files through their SlideShare integration. Are you witty? Maybe Twitter is the perfect place to let your personality shine with minimal effort.

How will you resource this?

Like every business decision before you fully commit have a plan in place on how you will resource the project. Is this something you will personally take on? Is this something that you want to commit 15-minutes a day to or a full day a week? Think about this new platform as a part of your whole social media program – is there enough work to justify a new staff member or hiring an agency to help?

Congrats! Adding a platform is exciting. Dive in – and don’t hesitate. Remember, it is hard to make a true communications mistake if you are living and breathing your company’s goals and values through your content.

When you set up your new account use the hashtags #PRPower and #FernieSuccess to let us know which platforms you will be trying in 2019.