Yellow Carbonated Liquid

“Life is the knife edge between tragedy and ridiculousness.”
-Lindsay Vallance

When I spend any time with Lindsay Vallance, I am constantly at play. As an actor playing a lady, playing dinosaur in one of her many clever comedies, to singing alongside her in our all female acapella group, “The Audielles” (a title she herself came up with). I can’t imagine another person I’d rather scream into broken microphones with, yell at people on 2nd Ave in period costume with, and imitate velociraptors with than this one! There is no shortage of hilarity, no paucity of whit, no deficit to her charming intelligent beauty. I had certainly hoped that when I adventured to Fernie I would find a sister or brother in art so fantastic that we could, together, make our mark. When Lindsay Vallance emerged, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Not only had I found a creative tornado that I wanted to travel to Oz with, but I also found someone to play with.

Yellow Carbonated Liquid

By Lindsay Vallance and Sadie Rosgen

cottonwood candy calling


finding your feet,


Velcro shoes





try it, you’ll like it!


Vortex spin


that one looks like a turtle…


creek bed


underbrush pterodactyl


bailing twine fort


rock slide dragon





silly business

blanket citadel

basement galaxy




How was space so much bigger then?