When Huey Lewis Goes to School

This year I have been bestowed the great honor of being named Poet Laureate of The Fernie Academy. This means so much to me not only because I get to raise awareness around literacy during poetry month, simply put, I get to write poems and support my community with my skills as an artist. I also get to inspire young writers, (among them, my two strong boys) and encourage the creative impulse in kids and adults of all ages.

This poem was inspired by a very special dog who attends the school this year, Huey Lewis. You might have seen him smiling around town with owner Mike Bull. This legend of a dog is a playful reminder of the good in the world right now. Thanks Huey, I look forward to watching you grow and thrive in our amazing community of dogs and humans alike.

When Huey Lewis Goes to School

When Huey Lewis goes to school,
He doesn’t bark, or whine, or drool.
He climbs the stairs with careful foot,
while teachers take a second look.

When Huey Lewis goes to school,
He sits so still, he knows that rule!
He doesn’t jump, or run or play,
He knows good boys lay down and stay.

When Huey Lewis goes to school,
He’s the only pup around.
He sniffs the hallways up and down,
with smells of snacks and lost and found!

When Huey Lewis goes to school,
He gets to play at recess too!
He’ll fetch a stick, or bone, or ball,
He’s the fastest of them all!

When Huey Lewis goes to school
He gets love from everyone,
He wags his tail, proud and tall,
He’s the best student of them all!

Photo by Mike Bull