The Watering Tree

Christmas time was a special time for my brother and I. Jake was younger, endlessly curious, and always ready for action. He hung on every word I spoke and loved everything I loved for a time.

One year he penned a loving letter to Santa asking for a guitar, a pic, and a pizza! Mom and I laughed so hard that year and on Christmas day when Jaker dawned his prized cowboy hat and boots, sat down with his guitar and pic while the pizza bubbled in the oven, I knew that all of the Christmas magic was held in the capable hands of my amazing mother. For us, it was never about the amount of presents or the extravagance of the season. It was about being present, having great food to enjoy, and creating a foundation of memories that we all share. No matter your traditions or faith, I am wishing you the very best that the holidays have to offer.

The Watering Tree 
By Sadie Rosgen

just us three
all together
under the watering tree.

Hanging gingerbread ornaments sleeping downstairs,
people dropping by
I don’t remember what I got
but I know how it feels
to want everything you have.

A turkey and a bottle of gingerale caramel chocolates
her laugh in bluejeans surrendered on the couch.

Frosted faces red from outside we had time
each other.

A guitar, a pic, and a pizza.