Vanessa Croome Unveils Her Second Exhibit at the Fernie Arts Station

This evening, January 25, 2018 Vanessa Croome, Art Director and Co-Publisher of the Fernie Fix, unveils her second art exhibit at the Fernie Arts Station, 7pm. Fragmented is a collection of paintings exploring themes of love, loss, life and death, and the evolution of relationships.

"My father died in London in the fall of 2016. At the same time, my partner Jay suffered his own loss. In the coming months we grieved and came to terms with our new realities. This time in our lives, these losses, the relationship with my mother and my brothers during this time, were a fundamental part of this show as I set out to illustrate my feelings," Vanessa wrote in her artist statement.

As she began working on the paintings for this exhibit, additional emotions, topics and feelings made their way on to the canvas, and she also continued to develop styles she has previously produced, such as landscape and outdoor scenes. "The oudoors is an inspiration to me," Vanessa says. "It's interesting to compare the two processes - the more personal themes tend to be chaotic with quick brush strokes, lots of overlay and texture. The landscape paintings are much more planned, more methodical."

For those who cannot make the opening, the exhibit will be standing until February 20, 2018. Follow Vanessa Croome on Istagram at vcroome13 for more on her work and upcoming shows/exhibits.

Artist Bio

Vanessa Croome is a graphic designer living in Fernie, BC. She returned to painting in 2014 as a means to explore a different side of her artistic side, one without the confines of a keyboard and mouse. In the studio, Vanessa and her partner Jay team to create a connection of art and music, one influencing the other, sometimes with surprising results.