Through the Lens of Loss

Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.
~ Euripides

As I prepare to honour my father in memoriam, as I find the words to speak of this loss, as I write this now, I struggle to know that he is gone. As the minutes age into hours, and hours into days, I long for one last conversation, one big laugh, one silent eternal moment. Knowing that I will never have that time again feels impossible. My comfort now lies in our shared experience, our memories, ourselves.

I follow him
He knows the way
Protected by his wisdom

I thrive

Imbibing on life because I am protected

Confident and bold
Told to move through life embracing passion No rations with my energy
Let the light come in and shine

I know him
I am him
Imperfect parts of one another
Moving up and down the mountain
A conduit of trust between child and parent

“Nature teaches us everything we need to know. How to grow, how to let go. It’s a convoluted process,” he says.

The complexity of life stands still without him