Téa Jasmin

My name is Téa Jamin. I live in Fernie but I was born in Calgary, Alberta. We moved when I was no more than seven years of age, one of the things I remember is that if I wasn’t reading, or daydreaming I was doodling, colouring and doing crafts. This hasn’t changed; even in school my favourite subject is Art.

In Grade 6 we did water colour paintings of red birds in trees. My teacher taught us how to sketch out a simple bird; I had never considered a bird for an art piece. I enjoyed spending time drawing this one bird and spent a long time painting it. I like to take my time and focus on one subject in my art, the bird, the face of a person, one mountain. I draw landscapes as well, but I keep them kind of general, like a snapshot of a photograph. I’ve learned more about landscape and canvas painting thanks to the Fernie Youth Action Network and the Art and DJ afternoons. Vanessa Croome offers great advice while we paint and listen to music. She taught us how to make the river darker as you go farther back into your canvas, how to add detail using tools for texture. I look forward to learning more at these events.

I like learning different art styles, but my true passion is drawing with a pencil and paper. That’s where I can really express myself. Some of my favourite things to draw include animals, nature scenes and manga style characters. Manga is a drawing style originally used in Japanese comics, something I really enjoy reading. The style has several unique characteristics that include large eyes, practically none existent noses, simple mouths that can be quite large, and crazy hair styles, the outfits are pretty crazy too. I learned to draw manga style characters using online tutorials on youtube.com. The hardest part is proportioning the body to the face. The face has so many parts that are over exaggerated that you can’t help it taking up most of the space on the page.

I have drawn all sorts of mythical characters, such as fairies, demons and elves. I invent the characters using influences from the books I’m reading. I give them names and specific powers, and sometimes I write stories with them as characters. I am currently working on a manga of my own, just for fun and because my mom makes me write in a journal every day in the summer.

I’m only 13 right now, and I plan to continue in fine arts at the Fernie Secondary School. I’d like to learn more about colour schemes and how to draw different angles and subject poses, as well as different art styles in general. It’s early, but I’m hoping to pursue art after high school. Possibly get a degree at the Alberta College of Art and design.