Svitlana Dovganych

My name is Svitlana Dovganych. I was born and grew up in Ukraine. As a child I liked to create things with my hands, which is why my parents encouraged me to enter the Art College which I did. There for the first time in my life, I was immersed in an artistic environment. I was so happy to meet famous artists who readily shared their experience with us students. While trying different media I realized that most of all I like to work with ceramic clay. I like the way you can easily shape it, creating anything you can imagine. I was (and I’m still) fascinated by the metamorphosis of the piece, when it comes out of kiln completely changing its structure and colour.  

After graduating from college, I decided to continue my education so I spent a couple more years at the Art Institute in my hometown, which enhanced my love to beauty. During and after my study I was lucky to work in a little handmade gift store, where I met many interesting and creative people, who definitely expanded my artistic outlook.

In 2019 I moved with my husband to Canada, namely to Fernie, which started a completely new page of my life. From day one I fell in love with the majestic Rocky Mountains, which remind me of a bigger scale of the Ukrainian Carpathians I was surrounded by in my childhood. 

Here in Fernie I have met many talented artists who use a variety of materials to reveal their creativity. Observing their art pieces in the Fernie Arts Co-op and other local galleries inspired me to start creating something myself. I did some research and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of ceramic supplies available in Canada. Soon I was happy to get a small kiln, a box of the whitest porcelain I could imagine, and everything a starting ceramist might need. I thought about how to combine picturesque local landscapes with my ceramic skills. That’s how the golden mountains on porcelain jewelry was born.

I should also mention, that being a very emotional person I found that making my pieces has a significant tranquilizing effect on me. While working, I’m so focused on what I do that I can completely forget for a while about all of the troubles in the world.

As any artist, I’m very happy when I see that other people enjoy my work. I know that what I make is just a faint glare of majestic beauty that surrounds us, still I want to do my part in glorifying the reflection of all of this splendor.  

Svitlana’s work is available at the Fernie Arts Co-op, and can also be viewed on Instagram at @heatgust