Spirited Summer

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” -Vincent Van Gogh

September can feel like the most anticipated goodbye to a deliciously golden season. Summer is a season so anticipated here that we are grieving its departure before it’s fully over! Summer, sweet, sweet summertime. As we dawn our masks and crack open the books for another academic year, I remind you to reminisce, to soak up those September rays, and remember how life sometimes can feel perfectly in bloom. 

Spirited Summer

hematoma sunshine

tsunamis of nostalgia
coursing through our veins


summer beckons me with her creamed skin and undivided light

gayles of wind move me
hotter now
yellow smash

kites pierce through a cumulus sky
lead only by a fragile string

there’s a beach where you can play and dip your feet!

bonk the sky
pocket rocks
we come here every year

turn gold

foowee in the backyard marquee

the lightning leads me home