Hello world, we are SNCKS (pronounced “snacks”). I’m Chantel Vincent, and this is Stephanie Tomney. We are a DJ duo based in Fernie, BC.

SNCKS is a tale of alter egos, glitter, fun, and patience. Both Stephanie and I share a deep love for the dance floor, and our music playing journey began in April of last year, marking the start of our DJ era.

What initially started as a bit of a dare has evolved into SNCKS becoming a vibrant entity of its own, separate from our regular lives. Despite our busy schedules as business professionals and typical millennials - bless our families for humouring us and giving us space for this project - we’ve dedicated time over the past year to learn the basics and refine our skills through continuous practice. Finding time amidst our daily responsibilities is an achievement in itself. 

Occasionally, we get to escape from our worries, don glitter, and immerse ourselves in the therapeutic world of music. Our primary musical passions lie in disco and tech house. Stephanie favours Peggy Gou and LP Giobbi, while I enjoy thick bass with Mochakk and Fisher vibes. Discovering new music together is a beautiful aspect of our friendship.

Transitioning from the dance floor to the DJ booth revealed the surprising level of preparation required. Much of that preparation involves mundane tasks like downloading and organizing, but the thrill of finding new music and performing live is what keeps us coming back.

Each gig is a chance for us to expand our knowledge, whether it’s about music choices, crowd dynamics, or technical equipment. From our debut at The Northern on Halloween last year, where nerves ran high, to the present day where experience has lessened the jitters, we now find genuine enjoyment in what we do. 

One of Stephanie’s favourite quotes sums it up: “I don’t DJ for the money; I DJ to replace the Game 7 energy that I can’t seem to replicate anywhere else.” - Shaq, DJ Diesel

Entering the DJ scene at this moment is thrilling due to incredible technological advancements with amazing capabilities. 

Thankfully, both of us embrace change and technology. Additionally, women are making their mark on stages more than ever, a significant development in the industry.

We were fortunate to have a DJ coach, the legendary DJ Cona, who provided late-night texts, lessons, gear, and invaluable encouragement. Having someone guide us hands-on was crucial beyond what we could learn from online tutorials.

Friendship has played a pivotal role in our DJ journey. Our friends have provided opportunities, recommended us for gigs, and trusted us with their dance floors. In the early stages, support from those around you is crucial, and we are grateful for our people. Surrounding yourself with good people is essential.

In techno, we trust. 
SNCKS (Chan + Steph)

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