Six Books to Carve-Load

Carving it up is the practice of going after what you want with absolute. It can also be the simple task of carving out time for your passion. 

Fernie is a diverse little town, unique not only in its surroundings but its people, community and mind-set. We’re here because we want to be here, because the mountains offer us a spark, and to each this spark is distinct. This spark swims in our minds, sizzles in our body and invigorates our soul. 

The library is a great place to ignite your spark and fuel its growth. Delve into your child-like curiosity and ask questions. Explore far-off topics, approaches, and theories, take nuggets of information from all of them and build your own way. 

If you need a little nudge, here are a few suggestions from the library staff on books we’ve found the inspiration to carve out time in our lives for the things that are important to us.

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
Embrace curiosity by uncovering the ‘strange jewel’ within you. Gilbert’s no BS attitude cuts away melodrama and unrealistic ideas of what living creatively is, shining light on the attitudes, approaches and habits required to live a creative life.

Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth - Colonel Chris Hadfield
You may change the way you view life on our pale blue dot after reading the success (and survival) of Col. Hadfield. Full of adrenaline-pumping and counterintuitive lessons, his stories show sometimes-conventional wisdom can hinder achievement. 

Wild - Cheryl Strayed
Strayed’s story screams ‘go for gusto.‘ After losing everything and everyone in her life, she is driven by blind will to venture on a solo trek of a lifetime - with no experience. A riveting story overcoming loss, pain, and failures, and carving out a stronger identity. 

Keep Moving - Maggie Smith
For anyone who’s been through a difficult time and is wondering ‘what next?’ Full of moving quotes and essays, this book celebrates beauty and strength on the other side of loss, and seeing new beginnings as opportunities for transformation.

Lean Out - Tara Henley 
Connecting the dots between anxiety and overworking, Henley’s story is part memoir, part travelogue and part investigation. Leaning out of the stresses of the twenty-first century, Henley moves away from the connected lifestyle to the fringes where people are reclaiming their lives (and retiring early!).

Oh, The Places You’ll Go - Dr. Seuss
You’re never too young to learn about seizing opportunity and you’re never too old for Dr. Seuss. Collect the nuggets that speak to you, build your own way, engage, create and CARVE.

Share The Nuggets
In January we asked you to read a little more, and we’d love to see how you’re going. Catch us up with your current reads and let us know what nuggets of information you gleaned from them (you learn something from every book!). #fhlbookchallenge 

Illustration By Pruthvi Harshan