Show a Little Leg: 3rd Annual #FernieArtStreak

I’m not naturally a gregarious* person and as such I do love my alone time, but we are built as social creatures so even the most reclusive of us need to find connection to survive. In my 20s I discovered how important connection was to me by setting out on a long solo trip in my VW bus. By the second week I would make my morning coffee and just wander into random campsites where the people looked friendly, just to talk to someone—just to feel human. 

The Fernie Art Streak started right here three years ago as a bit of a lark. It grew out of my frustration with the sportiness of Fernie. Don’t get me wrong: I love sports. I’m an avid mountain biker, I love a good hike, and I’ve played hockey most of my life. I also believe we live our best lives when we work towards balance, so the Fernie Art Streak is about finding equilibrium by encouraging everyone to take some time for creativity in their lives. 

This Art Streak is absolutely not about making high-level art. It’s also not about professionals making all the art. When I look at Strava times on my favourite MTB trails I see that there are teenagers who are WAY faster than me. When I show up for Beer League, I’m the functional winger with no flashy moves. Neither of those things prevent me from enjoying those activities. I look for places to improve and I start from there to make some progress. It’s about enjoying the process of learning, not about making something refined. 

Over the last three years, the Arts Station has taken on the Art Streak and grown it into a great way of connecting with other people. In the first year we had weekly meetups at the pub. Last year, sadly, we had to hunker down and use our digital tools to connect. This year, we can have our cake and eat it too! The Arts Station is planning regular Art Streak meetups as well as a Facebook group to make sure everyone has a chance to show their arty side.  

If you’re feeling like you need a bit of creativity or connection in your life, I encourage you to join this growing community! No experience is necessary—just a willingness to show a little leg. It’s good to exercise our creative muscles, and now that we can meet up in person it will be good to connect with other makers in our community. It might feel a little scary, but like streaking (you know, running through a crowd in your birthday suit), it’s invigorating because there is some risk, and some personal exposure. Art is about vulnerability, but vulnerability builds connection, and connection improves our emotional balance. Ready? Go.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download, tear out (there is a tear out prompt list located on page 53 of this issue), or copy and paste the Prompt List. You can also pick up a FREE sketchbook at the Arts Station with the prompt list tucked inside.

2. Make something every day that is inspired by the prompt.

3. Join the Facebook Group (scan the QR code to find the link) and post it for everyone to see. Hashtag: #fernieartstreak

4. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a day or three. It’s supposed to be fun.

5. Come on out to the weekly meetups at the Arts Station: Saturday 10am- 12noon.