September 2023 Astrology

September begins with the Sun travelling through Virgo in the sky with retrograde Mercury. This is another month where many planets and major asteroids are in retrograde. This means themes from the past are up to be revisited and that it’s a more internal time. With the Sun travelling through Virgo there is also the energy to be practical, organized and it is a great time for cleaning up and getting ready for the changing seasons. As the weather becomes cooler, it’s also an opportunity for an autumn detox.

Venus is travelling in the sky in conjunct to Juno - devoted love. It is an interesting time as I suspect we will see couples separating and following new paths. 

The Virgo new moon occurs September 14 at 9pm in Fernie. The degree that the sun and moon sit at speaks of royalty, nobility of character or aristocracy, alongside a deep responsibility. How this shows up in your individual lives depends on where Virgo sits in your birth charts. This sun/moon is opposite Neptune retrograde creating a tension between idealistic inner truth and realities of life. Those who are happy have found ways to align these two, bring their spiritual way into the physical plane. This new moon is a good compass if you pay attention to the messages it brings. Mercury opposes Saturn as well bringing a similar message about the dynamic tensions of day-to-day life and the organizational structures that constrict. For most, this is obligations of going to work to afford to live. This moon will show people where they can make changes in their lives. Additionally, Venus goes direct this day.

The Sun moves into Libra September 23 marking the Autumn Equinox.

A Libra full moon occurs September 29 at 5am. The sun is conjunct Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom. Pay attention because a lot can also be learned!

Retrograde Chiron and the North Node of the moon are travelling in your sign, providing the dynamic of feeling deep core wounds while also being supported on endeavours into your greatest truth.

Uranus and Jupiter are both retrograde and travelling through your sign giving an expansion of luck and some shifts in mentality and thought processes. It is a time where there are some real internal changes happening and these are positive!

Mercury, your ruling sign is retrograde in Virgo, another air sign, until 09/14 and then there is a two week “shadow” phase once it goes direct. Internal dialogue occurs that is practical and overly critical directing you to aspects of yourself that are imperative to recognize.

Necessary endings are occurring at this time. This may be relationships, jobs/careers, you name it. Unfortunately, this will happen regardless of what you want. These are fated experiences so trust they will lead you to greater things.

Venus travels through your sign for another month making both August and September deeply transformative for you. Themes of love and joy have been internalized and are now being externalized. You are making moves from your heart that require courage.

Happy birthday! The sun shines on and supports your energy. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, your thoughts are internalized and aspects from the past that had to be revisited will be mobilized for change by the end of this month and into October.

A major reset is occurring in your life. Mars is travelling in your sign giving you energy to create the momentum that has been building for several months. Any shifts can feel uncomfortable but life is about growing and changing so trust that you are made for this. Birthday blessings to many of you.

You have a date with destiny at this time. It’s a potent and pivotal time in your life. A relationship, job change or perhaps a child could be coming. You have gone through major internal shifts since 2021 and this Autumn is bloom-time. You are the sign of resurrection and transformation.

Jupiter, your ruling planet has just gone direct meaning a feeling of momentum and expansion occurs in your life this Autumn. New ideas, conquests and experiences are on the forefront -enjoy!

Saturn, your ruling planet is retrograde in Pisces giving you a more internalized energy. Spiritual and emotional growth is occurring as the heightened compassion and divine-love of Pisces energy is more easily transcended.

It’s a powerful time in your life to exert your autonomy and either destroy or create whatever paradigm is needed for the greater good. You are a pioneer for humanity via your innovative and highly creative nature.

Saturn represents karma, tradition, restriction, time and discipline and Nessus, an asteroid that represent abuse are travelling in retrograde through your sign. This may create upheaval in your life providing the motivation to make some life changes.