September 2021 Astrology

September has a theme of practicality and organization as the sun travels through Virgo and enters Libra on the Equinox.

The planets and major asteroids that are retrograde at this time are Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, and Mercury goes retrograde 09/27. Recall that retrograde results in an internalization, slowing down, returning to, and review of various themes on earth. I suspect we will continue to have a slow time and possibly another (4th) wave of this virus come October.

Venus travels through Libra and enters Scorpio on 09/10, and Mars travels through Virgo and enters Libra 09/14. Mercury travels through Libra and goes retrograde 09/27 -10/18 and spends almost nine weeks travelling through Libra. The first two weeks of September are best to be spent cleaning and organizing, while the second two can get a bit more passionate and intense, with themes surrounding partnership and one-on-one relations of all kinds.

The New Moon occurs September 6 at 14º Virgo and the Full moon occurs September 20 at 28º Pisces, ending the moon cycle.

Aries The first two weeks of this month are full of motivation and practical movement. Patience continues to be a virtue as many planets continue their retrograde movement.

Taurus Virgo is a supportive energy for Taurean energy, as it is also a earth vibration. Mars in Virgo helps to get you moving in the area of service to another, which for most people is their work arena. A month to put your head down and do the work.

Gemini This is a relatively boring month for your energy as so many planets sit retrograde and then the forward moving planets are moving mostly through Virgo and Libra. Virgo energy is pure, practical, observant, judgmental and critical. Notice how communication might obscure the last week as mercury enters retrograde.

Cancer It’s a very good time to kick start a health routine: exercise, healthy eating/juicing, meditation, and going to sleep early. Focus on your health and work this month. With focus you can make huge energetic moves this month.

Leo It’s a good time to work, clean, organize, and start new routines. Health and service are the realms of Virgo energy. A fall detoxification program is an appropriate focus this fall.

Virgo Happy birthday to the second and third decan Virgos. Your energy is supported by the planets this month as many planets move through Virgo and Libra. It’s a relatively mundane month and a great time to just get what needs to be done, done (which makes you happy).

Libra Happy birthday to the early decan Libras. Love may feel intense and passionate for you as Venus enters Scorpio. It’s a month to balance your energy on practical affairs, but with a theme of passion. Mercury is highlighting your need to communicate.

Scorpio Observe the passion and intensity that can occur in the general energy as Venus enters Scorpio on 09/10. It can help align you to recognize your own energy. The next few months are very aligned for you to fly to great heights, especially in the sectors of career, love and home.

Sagittarius Team up with the Geminis in your life or both of your energy’s might feel bored to tears this month. Ha! At least write down the to-do’s and do them. Have fun in the mundane, it’s a spiritual practice in itself.

Capricorn A supportive month for your energy to get the work done, house cleaned and organized. This includes the figurative and the literal house. Time spent in meditation is so cleansing. A dedicated hour every day to sit with no distractions is beneficial.

Aquarius A month to get your finances in order, especially with regard to organizing tax documentation and budgeting. It’s important to trust your intuition this month in regards to finances. Mercury goes retrograde 10/25 so be aware of possible miscommunication.

Pisces Virgo is your opposing energy so September is always a half way point, or a balancing point for you. It’s an internalized time with an abundance of inner messages coming through. The north node sits in Gemini, dealing with communication and the importance of these various realms of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, intuitive, telepathic…