September 2020 Astrology

A very happy birthday to September’s Virgos and Libras! While the Sun travels through Virgo, the energy on earth is best used for cleaning and organizing (life and home). This energy is practical and rational and all about energetic purification. It’s a good time to remove debris from life and home, and to get into a new healthy regime and routine. The last week this month is Libra energy, which is about balance and refinement. Autumn starts to settle in and we also start to settle in, a little bit more into our homes and we balance a bit more with our partners, our surroundings and pay attention to ‘beautifying’ our space.

The main themes of the planets this month are:

* September 1 is a Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct to Neptune which feels ethereal. A Virgo New Moon occurs September 17.
* Venus travels through Leo most of the month, creating romance, fun and jovial times. 
* Mars turns retrograde on September 9 and will stay retrograde until November

13. Mars rules our will, passion, effort and ability to get things done (it also rules our sex drive) and turns retrograde every 26 months. Retrograde energy is about both the past and going inward. When a planet goes retrograde, momentum forward of the energy of that planet typically halts on earth. This can mean that our energy will go back to a project that we have already begun or go inward to our important self work.

* Jupiter and Saturn turn direct with Pluto continues its retrograde
* Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are still travelling in the sky together in the late degrees of Capricorn.
Your own actions, passions and energy will feel regressed as your ruling planet, Mars goes retrograde. There is a sense 
of completion that comes this month, a release of the past.

Venus sits in your house of communication bringing love and joy this month in 
your connection with others. Optimistic communication abounds with friends, your romantic other and the community.

September is the month to invest your energy in yourself and your home life. Friends from the past may show up and the full moon will illuminate your instincts in respect to your work life. Channel your creativity!

Reflection and research are the themes for you this month along with communication and cleansing the air with family or people who feel like family. Revisit themes of stability and security.

It is a very uplifting month for you and you really draw people’s attention. It is not a good time to travel but a great time to finish projects of the past, including studies.

There is a divine energy that is connecting you to a surreal and mystical, and very in love, love. If there is no relationship, pay attention to who enters your life at the beginning of this month: divine timing.

Your health regime is a major theme. Love and passion is in your house of friendship and community and it is a good month to socialize and to speak up and use your voice. The past is coming up for reassessment and release.

You are of the rare energy on earth at this time where it’s a good time to start a business, especially one that is of your joy and love. Reactivation of a health regime is also recommended. 

It is a social month for you with family and friends and it is a good time to return to something you used to do creatively or musically. It is a great time to study another culture or a far off land.

Be very aware of your energy, mannerisms, the ‘vibes’ you exude as you will communicate strongly in this esoteric way this month. There is a return to a place you once called home.

Your financial investments are asking you to take a faithful and positive trust in them. Spend time manifesting your finances: how it feels, how you act, how you live. It is not a good time to spend.

A release is your theme this month, most likely with something from the past which leads to a revitalization in love. Your boundaries and values are asking for re-examination and refreshment.