September 2019 Astrology

September will be a very practical month and getting organised after summer is the focus. September will be all about work and service, scheduled duties and getting the daily tasks of life in good order. A full moon occurs September 14 in Aries and it will be tightly conjunct Chiron, the place we all feel our wounds, so mid-month will feel like a new moon: inward and dark, possibly painful. Saturn, the planet that rules time and tradition, rules, structure, responsibility, discipline, restriction, obstacles, hardships, karma, strength and self-mastery will go direct at 13 degrees of Capricorn on September 18 after a long five month retrograde period so we will see more ambition and methodical independence occur. There will be a bit more forward momentum however we still have three heavy-weight planets sitting retrograde (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus) which means that life is still a little slow and the energy is more internalised. The New moon of the month occurs at 5 degrees of Libra on September 28 at 12:26 pm.

September is grounding for you. It will be a good time go go on a cleanse and get your health in order. The full moon will affect you, and descending into your heart to sense your inner wisdom and discover what may be buried becomes your journey.

Virgo energy is very similar to your energy: feminine, earthly, the harvest. It’s a good time to connect with the earth and get your home and garden in order, perhaps begin a new health regime.

Both you and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury so this month, with the four main planets sitting in Virgo energy, you will in many ways feel in your element however it will help direct your energy more. There is momentum forward for you in whatever you decide to do.

September is emotionally grounding for you which supports you to be more practical. Enjoy getting your home organised which will create order within yourself as well.

This month is all about family for you and you will see momentum in business occur towards the end of the month. September might feel more boring as it is very practical and reserved however it is needed.

You shine this month and will feel very in your element. To-do lists get done, everything gets organised… a good fall detox would be awesome for your health, too. Happy birthday, Virgo!

The first three weeks of this month will help direct your energy into a scheduled and practical way. Momentum forward in whatever you put your energy into will occur well for you. Happy birthday to some of you!

A health regime such as an exercise schedule and mild detox or attention to your diet would be the best place to put your energy this month. Work becomes more full on and schedules become important again. Good luck!

You are another energy that would do well focusing on cleaning up your diet and creating a healthy schedule, including a healthy sleep schedule. Organisation creates peace and this month brings improvements for you.

The real energy you will feel this month is when your ruling planet goes direct on September 18. The momentum forward will feel good as I can imagine the past five months have felt like you have been a bit stuck in mud. Enjoy!

Discipline is good for you this month, especially for your exercise, diet and sleep. Embrace the mid-month moon as it will feel emotional for all involved. The last week of September will be more aligned with you as the Sun moves to your fellow air-sign, Libra, giving lighter energy.

All this Virgo energy sits directly across the Zodiac from you so it stabilises you! Duties and service, organsation, practicality - these energies balance your life. A scheduled regime creates waves that will last for the rest of the year.