Scott Cable

I’ve always loved making art. I find it calming and freeing.

As a kid when I wasn’t mountain biking I was drawing with pencils. As I got older my work became more impressive. After graduating high school though, I stopped drawing and creating for a while. Deciding to move from Sparwood to Fernie was the best decision I made regarding my art. Fernie has a large art community and being surrounded by people who loved creating as much as I did was inspirational to me. It made me want to jump right back into it. Liam Monahan, the owner of the Cryptic Hive Tattoo and Arts Theatre in Fernie, was my biggest inspiration and has been an incredible teacher to me. He saw my work and encouraged me to take it further. He helped me realise how much potential I had. We collaborated on a painting together and it taught me so much. I believe that working with other artists is extremely beneficial to learning and advancing your craft.

Originally when I started with acrylics I was inspired by the visionary art community. The way you could bring movement and power to a painting was really intriguing to me. Later, branching out and honing my skills in other genres such as landscape, sci-fi, and bio-mech I've focused on combing styles using my airbrush, spray paint, and acrylics to create unique paintings. The use of Photoshop and digital painting programs has also helped me a lot in the designing of my paintings.

Geometry and fractals in nature have been a big part of my creative process. Growing up in the beauty of the Kootenays has really helped with this direction of my work. I believe the area you live in plays a big part in the influence on a person’s art. I am very grateful to live in this area and hope that future generations get to experience its beauty like I have.

This past year I decided to leave my job so I could fully immerse myself in my art. Although I didn’t know at that time if it was the right choice, I now know that it was the right decision for me. In the future, I hope to continue learning and advancing my skills. I have always enjoyed working with wood and have started making my own canvases and custom frames. I would like to combine both skills and merge my woodworking more into my paintings. I’ve also been enjoying exploring the digital painting aspect of the art world and would like to incorporate that style more into future work as well.

My work can be found on Facebook or Instagram under Scott Cable Art, or my website at I am always interested in learning and also teaching new skills and spreading my love of art to others.