Rise Up

For the last few weeks I found have myself with a lot of solo time on my hands as I heal from injury. I am lucky that I have the time to heal at all. Injury can feel catastrophic at times and most certainly when we are forced with time to heal and reflect, the mind can wander off to all of the places. Injury can feel like defeat, loss, even grief in the form of not being able to complete simple tasks. Yet again, my good fortune yields many visits from friends, help from my growing family, wine, flowers, cake! As I meditate on what it means to begin again, I am doing just that: beginning again. I will learn to trust my body and the fortitude of my mind to rise and be stronger. I am broken but will heal. This grand existence is temporary so do it, begin again, and see what you can discover.

rise UP

By Sadie Rosgen


I am a tardigrade

water bear


tough as nails

living on the moon

survivalist vacuum


moss piglet


landing near you

finding you near me

as I live in your living room


resilience is key

I can go centuries without lunch

finding the satisfying crunch elsewhere

I’m set up to be here

no nuclear fear


cousins with arthropods

living in odd

rediscovered terms

I am confident


eight legs and arms to hold my

deliciously squished face

feasting centuries on sediment


I am bent on staying

no decaying


I am outlasting the tribe

hungry to imbibe the sweet nectar