Raven Eye Photography

When I started Raven Eye Photography in the early 2000s, it was simply to share my love of mountain adventure through photography. At the time it included snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking in our beautiful back yard. As time went on, the business grew to include events, weddings, and international adventure travel. I knew someone else was needed that held the same values and sense of adventure to help expand. Enter Martina. With a strong outdoor lifestyle engraved into her from birth, I knew Martina would be the perfect fit to grow the business, not scared to get dirty and more than okay with working 20hr days when needed. Both very important traits for the work we do! 

Photography is a way for us to get away and share just how beautiful, and how much this world has to offer. Be it adventure, culture, lifestyle or nature, there is just so much to this amazing planet. Our work has taken us to many amazing, far away places, such as travelling around Africa, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and watersports in the Azores, trekking in China, biking in Costa Rica, rock climbing in Cuba, biking in Ecuador, doing it all in Greenland, rock climbing in Greece, biking in Guatemala, 30 days of bike packing in the Himalayas of Nepal, exploring the remote cultures of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and getting deep into Venezuela. Our desire to get away doesn’t just happen overseas, the mountains we call home also offer some amazing options. 

Both of us have strong points when it comes to travelling and photography. I prefer to use my bike, and getting deep into remote parts of developing countries. I’ve done multiple month-long bike backing trips, which is in my mind the best way to explore the very remote, hard-to-reach locations I love. Martina likes the epics – week-long mountaineering trips, rock climbing around the globe, and adventures full of type-three suffering, like spending six months ski touring the entire length of the Coast Range with her Mom. This is another story in itself that can be seen at CoastMountainEpic.ca.

We love to share our photography and stories. People “get away” to Fernie every year, for weddings, relaxation, biking, hiking, or adventure alike. When couples come to Fernie to get married, that’s where our experience can shine. Striving to make mountain getaways amazing, we know the best mountaintops to fly to, the best waterfalls to visit, or even just where the nicest wildflowers grow along the walking paths. 

No matter where our photography takes us, coming back to the Elk Valley is always a relief. The world is crazy, and to experience it is a must, but the calm, friendly, surreal lifestyle being based in Fernie offers is simply amazing, and we love it! Our stories, and work are available at RavenEyePhotography.com, or on Facebook and Instagram.