Rachel McSkimming and Tanya Soukoroff

Like countless other artistic endeavours, mine began in the summer of 2020, spurred by a need for a hobby during the pandemic. Funny enough, I literally spent time googling “hobbies” online, and candle-making caught my eye. Being an avid candle lover, I thought this would be an easy and fun activity. So off I went to purchase my first ever candle-making kit. Little did I anticipate the complexity behind this pursuit. 

I dove into candle-making because after countless hours of researching how to make my own candles, I learned how awful and toxic most of the mainstream, big box store candles are that I had once loved. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally found my groove and started to receive interest in my candles from close friends and family. And after a weekend spent back home visiting my father that same summer, the concept of Ember Aromas Candle Co took shape and found its name.

Returning to Fernie two years ago after starting my teaching career in the Okanagan, I’ve witnessed Ember Aromas Candle Co flourish. Engaging with our local community at farmers’ markets and craft fairs has been immensely rewarding, and the unwavering support has been unbelievable from our community. 

Our evolution has seen a significant milestone with the addition of my mom, Tanya, to my team. Together, we aspire to offer affordable yet luxurious home décor, meticulously handcrafted and committed to both quality and environmental consciousness. From our eco-friendly material choices to the heartfelt hand-pouring of each candle, along with a recycling program, we take pride in products that not only illuminate spaces but also honour our planet. 

Looking ahead, our sights are set on establishing a studio space within town, inviting our community to witness firsthand the making of their favourite Ember Aromas Candle Co creations. We envision a space that mirrors the warmth and hospitality of our town—a place where visitors can connect with our craft and our values. 

To learn more about Ember Aromas Candle Co and Tanya and Rachel, visit their website emberaromas-candleco.com or follow them on social media @emberaromas. Their candles are also available in store at Ghostrider Trading Co, Mugshots or Home Hardware Fernie.