Rachel Behan

I have been performing on stage since I was two years old, so it has become a very comforting joy for me. My first role was as a pink tulip… naturally, I progressed and continued to attend as many after-school groups in my area as I could. My parents were always taxi-ing me around from one stage school to another. During this travel time, my Mum and I would sing our hearts out together, and some of my fondest memories are still triggered by those certain songs.

Of all the arts programs I was involved with, I found a love for singing in particular (private lessons were offered at the same time as math class in high school, so for me, it was an easy decision).

I went on to study a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama at University, where I met my gorgeous husband. He and I perform in a newly formed wedding/function band, The Hip Flexers. It’s something quite special to share this passion with him! The Hip Flexors is a high energy, fun band to be a part of with other great musicians. Aside from that, I sing with Hark Raving Sirens and have done for about five years, the girls and I love getting creative with harmony and arrangement, often over a bottle of red (which helps all the feel-good chemicals get flowing). It’s incredibly therapeutic to sing, and it makes me so happy…. so if you ever see me skipping down Main Street, I’ve probably just come from a rehearsal.

I teach kids singing lessons at The Arts Station, and I LOVE it, just as I loved mine as I was growing up. I can see how music lifts others, releasing endorphins and bringing people together. To quote Eminem, ‘lose yourself in the music,’ and that truly happens. It’s very rewarding to experience first hand, how a child can be quite shy and insecure, but then really express themselves and gain confidence through art.

I love being a part of The Arts Station crew, and the Fernie arts community. There is always something going, with a positive swarm of creative people filling each room, just going about their craft. We are all there for a good time. The Arts Station has given me a platform for most of my creative business ideas. Club Cre8, a creative program for kids in kindergarten through Grade 6, is held on No-School-Fridays and throughout the summer. And then, I work with Sadie Rosgen hosting theatre workshops during Spring Break, and Summer Holidays… it’s such a good life and I often have to pinch myself that working with kids is actually my job. I am grateful every day that I do something I love for a living.

Ok, so your child ‘might’ not be the next Beyoncé or Bob Ross, but art is a form of expression which encompasses passion and confidence. I think it’s so important to make time for creative pastimes, at any age. As we get older, our busy schedules sometimes result in creative play being at the bottom of the list (in Fernie, probably behind sporting activities). But, it’s all about balance, isn’t it? Keep being creative, for a peaceful mind and a well-fed soul.