People Together

The first time I met my new cousin, Avery McCrady, was at my bridal shower. She was just a wee one back then, nestled gently in her mother’s arms, her eyes smiling. Although she wasn’t the only baby at the shower that day, this little one had me hypnotized. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! Since then, Avery and I have been lucky enough to live in the same town and connect on the regular. She’s like a daughter to me, my friend, my family. For our holiday issue this year, I looked no further than into the smiling eyes of Avery. This holiday season, take good care of each other and remember to spend time with the people who hypnotize you.


People Together

By Avery McCrady and Sadie Rosgen






snowflakes fall as we bring people together


the season of seeing those we like

we want

we love

an icy kiss melting on your forehead


you’re my dreamy masquerade of

warmth and comfort


light all over


being kind to one another

making snow forts at playtime in winter time

stories and characters made from its frosty majesty


I see the stars


now that you are here…


a common warmth regales my heart

my legs grow stronger on the icy river

fuzzy hands chime together


hot drinks

fast planks




the best