Painted Smile

I met Ghaith Sabri while he was working on an organic farm in Selma, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was struck by his intriguing accent, his wild black curly hair, and his general enthusiasm for all things alive or dead. He sees the world through a cornucopia of lenses, and I wanted to be part of how he saw the world, even if it was just for a moment. He taught me about Palestine, his birthplace. He taught me about the true value of kindness. He taught me that luck is relative and that if you really engage with life, it will make you wealthy beyond measure.

10 years later, as I anticipated my valued friend arriving on my snowy Fernie sidewalk, I was reminded of how bright this guy really is. So full. Such a source of light and luck for me and my family. My affirmation for 2023 is to surround myself with these sources of light. Beacons that light the path for the next up and coming year.

Happy New Year, the year of the rabbit.

Painted Smile
By Sadie Rosgen

source light

the melody of his voice is put to music
lyrical hypnosis
the experience is consuming
transported by history and time

source light

the tide brought him in
sweeping the beach
with ornamental sand
from another place
from here
from everywhere

source light

his beacon lights up the ocean
radiating off the water
wrapping his energy
everywhere he stands
patience and luck