Offerings to Krishna

As a parent of school-aged children who attend school, I find it fun and fascinating getting to know their classmates. Among my eldest son’s classmates is Anya Harshan. Anya fascinates me. She always has something remarkable to tell me when I see her. Her stories these days revolve around her prized companion, snowflake, a kitten that has stolen her heart. Anya’s heart is bursting and although snowflake occupies most of the real estate, she has plenty of room for everyone; young and old, alive and deceased. 

When I asked Pruthvi Harshan, Anya’s mother, if I could write with her for our Holiday Issue, she suggested that she could illustrate the poem we came up with. Wow! I was totally into this. How special to collaborate with your mother! As the holidays look differently for some of us this year, I encourage you to remember what this time of year is all about, L-O-V-E. Loving those we’ve got, we’ve lost, and those we will see again. Happy Holidays!

Click to download the Colour Me! sheets by Pruthvi Harshan.

Offerings to Krishna
by Sadie Rosgen and Anya Harshan

The snow is blowing,
dancing around my knees  
as I grow.
Christmas is upon us, this I know.

Lights sparkle as they  
line the street, smiles in the eyes of those I meet.
Making Christmas presents for those I love,
is my finest Christmas treat.

Adorned in gold,
the velvet flowers on my dress, keep me warm from the cold. 
I listen patiently to Christmas memories foretold.

Scents of cedar and pine diffuse the air, telling us it’s Christmas time.
Singing cheer for all to hear! 

My offerings to Krishna,
my fondest Christmas wish.