An Ode to Women

At one time Jaden Grivell was my paperboy. He is friendly, efficient, and downright congenial. When I called upon Jaden to write with me for the feminism issue, he asked if we could write one piece, together. I found this invitation spectacular! Our collaboration was a total celebration and that is exactly what an Ode is. It’s a fantastical, often rhyming, love letter that is meant to be sung, danced or played (player’s choice).

I challenge you to read it out loud.

To share it with your friends.

To find that quiet place where all the words land somewhere inside of you for keeps.

Thanks Jaden.



She is the woman you’ve never met, the one you chose to forget.


Her frailty walks both sides of the line.
Salvaging her destiny becomes her motive.
War and anger must resign.

She paints an image in your mind,
chanting her sophistication.
In her teaching you will find,
this is her mission.

She is a friend that has come into view,
Don’t let her pink fool you,
Her light is as brilliant as the sun.
Intelligence, beauty, feminine, and fun.

She breathes ambition into a book.

A sister veiled by a mask.
She’ll steal your heart like a crook,
at times
is her only task.

The flow of her dress will warm your heart.
She is your mother, and she is first.
She prepares the food that fills your everything.


There exists no other.
The earth is your home and your mother.