October 2023 Astrology

There is a theme of intensity this month with two eclipses occurring. The first occurs on the New Moon - October 14 at noon. The Sun and Moon sit at 21° Libra, marking the new Aries - Libra eclipse cycle that lasts until 2025. Themes of self vs other are central for the next two years. The Full Moon on October 28 at 5° Taurus marks the end of the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse cycle which has been incredibly transformational.

The Sun moves through Libra for most of the month, changing into Scorpio on October 23. Venus and Mercury are out of retrograde so there is also a theme of communication and loving relationships will have forward momentum. Venus enters Virgo on October 9 after months in Leo and relationships become more practical. Mercury enters Libra October 5 and then Scorpio October 22. Mars enters Scorpio October 12.

Libra season is not as light and flow-like as typical Libra energy is. This is an intense month with oppositions and squares (tense energy). Once Scorpio season comes 
in, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will be conjunct (travelling together in the sky) in Scorpio making it extra intense. It is best to simply note that this month is going to have tense energy. It is a time of massive transformation.

Blessings through the most intense month of the year: this too shall pass. 

Hands down the most intense month of the year for you. A dramatic closing of a story that began in 2021 and the new eclipse cycle is in the Aries- Libra polarity so expect potent internal and external change over the next two years.

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle comes to a close at the end of this month. This made major shifts in your life and this month is the final chapter - regeneration is the outcome of this.

The sky is essentially as unharmonious as it can get. Being aware of this is simply important. Troubles occur this month, but they will pass. Just go through.

Self-reflection is paramount for you. What changes do you have to make? A theme of balance is required in your life. Make these moves.

A month of a major crossroads for you. Which way do you go? Pay attention to what gives you more peace and follow. Wait, wait, wait (and wait some more) until you find your answer.

It has been six weeks of a deeply purifying time. Expect recognition for your work and achievements. Attention is spent towards what you love and how these love languages may be appropriated.

The new moon eclipse occurs in your sign and will affect you. It’s a charming new moon, with a theme of “live and let live.” Expect dramatic change and growth in your life over the next two years.

The last two years have seen radical changes, transformations, endings. It’s been bitter-sweet and lots of healing and releasing has occurred. The full moon eclipse in your sign is a good time to mark your self-renewal. Blessings in your soul-cleansing.

Rapid forward momentum and change occurs with Venus and Mercury finally direct. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is retrograde in Taurus so it’s a good time to spend with your physical body and health: eat well, sleep well, exercise, meditate.

A very intense month so let it pass. It is a great time to be extra-productive and not let the chaos of the outside world disrupt your inner peace.

An exciting month for you, despite many suspected challenges. The planets in Libra for the first 1/3 of the month support your energy and make partnerships of all kinds take centre stage.

Your storyline is changing and this change can be incredibly uncomfortable. Growing pains do not end in childhood, unfortunately. Move away from your unfulfilling patterns to enter a more divine existence.