October 2022 Astrology

October is a transformative month with a theme of letting go of sorrow, dissolving into love, conquering the shadow self and allowing for expressions of the divine to come through as we align truth on earth. Many planets end their retrograde this month resulting in forward momentum. Mercury turns direct October 2 in Virgo, Pluto turns direct October 8 at the 26º of Capricorn and Saturn turns direct October 23 at 18º Aquarius.

Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Nessus and Juno remain in retrograde with Mars in Gemini turning retrograde October 30- January 12, 2023. Mars rules our power to make moves and exert our will, including sexuality, so it may be a frustrating time.

The full (Hunters) moon occurs 10/09 at 14:35 with the Sun at 16º Libra conjunct Venus and the Moon at 16º Aries conjunct retrograde Chiron. Major themes are reconstruction and potential, dealing with relationships and the acceptance of needing to put in the work. 

The new (Beavers) moon is also a solar eclipse and the Sun, Moon and Venus sit at 2º Scorpio on 10/25 at 5:35. The major theme is a public display of something that was considered sacred, intimate and fragile. It can be a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ thing. Are you sharing your love? Hopefully.

The month begins with the Sun moving with Venus in Libra and ends with the most plutonic time of the year: Hallows Eve. It’s a time where love is illuminated as the Sun and Venus move together all month in the sacred and somber hands of truth. It is a time to trust the processes of love. 

There is an intense energy happening in your life, aligning you. This is a time to trust the divine -especially in the most difficult places and when the most difficult emotions arise. It may take six-12 months to see the outcome of this time.

The eclipse occurring on 10/25 is in the Scorpio-Taurus polarity so expect the unexpected, especially with the north node still travelling in the sky conjunct retrograde Uranus. Eclipses are a time of immense change and this one is particularly dealing with what we love, who we love and how we love.

Immense possibility for transformation, growth and power come this month. This can be a turbulent time but also a universal shifting time where literally consciousness of the earth’s people is upgrading. Enjoy this shift and embrace changes with strength and resiliency.

Big shifts take place in your home environment which also includes the most sacred home which is that within your heart. It’s an immensely transformative time with this eclipse in Scorpio. Truth prevails so make sure you are in alignment. You can’t lose with the truth.

Communication is a major theme this month: that which needs to be said needs to be said so it’s time to say it. Shifts occur alongside spiritual growth spurts with the eclipse season.

You and your basic needs are the major theme of this month. This means taking care of yourself and your boundaries must come first. Eat well, sleep well, rest well. Make sure your finances are in order and say no to everything you do not feel like or want to be a part of. 

Happy birthday! A month of learning understanding yourself on a deep level.  It’s an intense time with a very strong Scorpio eclipse. Transformational change is the theme of October and November. It’s an opportunity to create a new reality: you will have the choice to rise or fall. Stay positive!

Happy birthday! Intensity is in the air and mirroring you. A whirlwind of change comes with the eclipses, but nothing is more potent than a Scorpio eclipse. This change can be occurring at deeply subconscious levels: how have your belief systems held you as a prisoner? Let it go. Heal the conscience and watch the outside reality shift.

Major themes of change occur with you in respect to your community. A quantum leap happens during eclipse season and this largely deals with your friends and community. It’s a good time to bring your optimism to help lead people to better places.