October 2020 Astrology

October is a special month beginning with a full moon and ending with a full moon, with the new moon right in the middle (10/16). Restrained energy continues to rule on Earth and this will not change anytime soon. It can feel frustrating and tension is palpable in the chart for October. There is a great balance occurring and this manifests in the macro and the micro.

Mars, the planet that rules drive, desires, ambitions, courage, and the ability to attain goals, is retrograde until the middle of November meaning a halt in that planet’s energy and another very inward month. Mercury, the planet that rules communication, thought processes, day to day travel, electronic devices, goes retrograde October 14 so this adds an additional factor.

Pluto goes direct while still travelling in the sky closely to Saturn and Jupiter (in Capricorn). As far as I can see, we have not seen anything yet and I do believe this is like the ‘Hand of God’ coming down to Earth: Spiritual Law. It’s a big time and we have had several years building up to this time. 

October is a good month for meditation and connecting with one’s family and traditions. There is a theme about adapting inner strength and humility and connecting with divine source energy to remain 
in serenity in a time where it oscillates between varying degrees of chaos. Faith is always an important virtue to maintain, and basically reminding self to be its best form even in strife. May everyone have a Happy Halloween and may we dress up and parade with the spirits of our ancestors as the veil thins for a Full Hunter Moon. 

Mars rules your energy so your very essence will turn inward until mid-November. Any outward momentum or activity you wish to accomplish might feel blocked. It is a good time to finish tasks that have already begun and not to start anything new. 

It is a great time to redo, renovate and repair. Keeping your stability and practicing calmness and your listening skills are also recommended.

The harvest is a time of fulfilment by simply being in nature. Spend time outside as much as possible this month. Attuning to nature is especially nurturing for you at this time.

Anytime chaos prevails, especially with knowledge and other people’s opinions, is important to go inward and spend time on self. A balance between serenity and preparation, stillness and activity, is always an interplay in life. 

Venus, the planet that rules love and beauty continues its travel through your sign for the first week of this month and there is a theme of overwhelm of potential. It is a good time to focus the mind and reevaluate your inner truth.

Venus, your ruling planet travels through your sign this month so you will feel this support in your life in a loving, Venusian way. Because of this, it continues to be a month that is felt as purifying and cleansing, the way the energy of September is traditionally felt.

Depths of connection with another are pronounced this month however be careful of the miscommunication of feelings, thoughts and words that can occur due to Mercury’s retrograde. It is an important month to base your stability off of something you definitely know is stable, perhaps a close relative. 

A good time to express yourself as Mercury travels through your sign most of the month. Creative flow will be high so utilize the energy. Art and all forms of creativity are recommended.

In the assimilation of knowledge, one must be very good about being in ‘tune’ with what is waste. This month it’s important to take out this waste: of the mind, house, and body. Remove and cleanse all that is not for your highest good.

The planets are supporting you on your path and all the Capricorn traits of tradition, inner strength, responsibility and time are activated. It is a good time to see how this time is a reflective energy of your own nature.

In being grounded within self and connecting to nature and Source-energy, one can catch the ‘knowing’ in the aether. Connect with your intuition and inner knowing and trust it, it’s a good time to trust self.

Change is. You know this and you are one of the most adaptable energies. There is a potential for accelerated growth if you catch the right wave. There is a theme of unifying with group dynamics for you this month, perhaps showing up as an individual for the group, even as a leader.