October 2019 Astrology

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, the cooling after the harvest, the change of colours and the decay into winter. This October begins with the Libra theme of relationship which deals with the ‘other’ and its balance and harmony. There is an immediate intensity this month that will continue and grow as we move into the most passionate and intense sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. A major theme is Pluto turns direct on October 3 which has been travelling retrograde in the sky since April 24 and is continuing to travel in the sky conjunct Saturn. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and therefore the energies it guides are all about Power, Death, Rebirth, Transformation and Regeneration. Pluto is intense and psychic, it is the shamanic planet of the zodiac and leads us into the deeply psychic and spiritual realms which are typically considered taboo. As Pluto turns direct, we will see direct motion in the area of our lives that Pluto guides. This deals with each of our spiritual paths, working to align more with our higher selves. Venus, the planet of love has exited from the Underworld and is now the Evening Star. She enters Scorpio on October 8 and travels through Scorpio all month making October a passionate and intense month for all involved. Another major theme this month is about following our paths intuitively and not overthinking about which direction to go. Just to go; there is a need to release control and trust the divine.

This is a passionate month for you and your fire soars with the cultivation of your relationships, especially your significant other. This a major month of change and momentum for you. The full moon on October 13 is in Aries so you will feel it immensely. Be centred within and enjoy the purifying, uplifting vibes.

Scorpio is your opposite energy so this month is balancing for you. The middle of the month requires humble knowledge and appreciation of self as you step into new territory. Themes for you are about recapturing the sparks of love and wisdom and parallels the theme of a bee returning to its hive.

Gemini and Scorpio form a very significant energy in astrology as Gemini’s mind is as penetrating as Scorpio’s however it does not have the intensity. Gemini, the Sacred Messenger is the only one in the zodiac that can plunge to the levels of Scorpio’s energy, which is the Underworld and come up to tell the story of it. Perhaps a great story will come from this month.

Moody and emotional is the way of Scorpio energy and you will feel this immensely. This month is highly sensitive to you and an important teaching is attempting to see beyond yourself, that you may not know the reality. Let yourself feel and just feel it, and let them pass. Do not hold on to them.

This month is about the momentum of the inner work that is required to align with our highest most divine self, and the planets are aligned to make sure you do it. Everyone knows what they must do so put away the ego and walk the path.

September was a great organizing month and I am certain you feel restored because of it. This month is about paying attention to the people you love in your life and helping support them. It’s a win-win situation so go ahead and ask what you can do to be of support to your loved ones.

Happy birthday to many of you! It will feel very aligned with your energy as lots of the planets sit in Libra. Venus in Scorpio for most of the month along with Pluto direct give it a bit of intensity however this is an energy that helps guide you to move forward. Don’t think so much, follow what feels best instead of being worried about the balance.

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This month will feel very in tune with who you are and all aspects of the emotions that exist. Centring yourself and waiting through any aspects of life that may feel chaotic. The stillness you hold shows your integrity and reliability. Remember, you are the alchemist of the Zodiac so emit the energy you wish to create.

Your energy is not so different from that of Scorpio, you are just as emotional however a little less intense as you have a wisdom that knows the divine writes the great story. Follow the path of least resistance and make sure you are aligned in what you need to be integral with your highest self.

Saturn, your ruling planet, travels together with Pluto in the sky. Both are in the energy of Capricorn and this month is a hugely transformational time for you if you utilize it. It’s an uplifting month and moving instinctively is recommended.

The energy of Scorpio is similar to Aquarius. You are both very intense. Scorpio is intense emotionally and you are intense mentally. This month magnifies the good, the light, and the beauty of life. Enjoy the magic!

Going home is the theme this month, in whichever way this manifests for you, figuratively, literally… You have been called for a long time now and the messages are getting too strong to ignore. The best way to proceed is essentially the most obvious and following your heart will bring the harmony you dream of. Drop your ego and drop your mind to return to your hive.