November 2023 Astrology

November is another month full of intense emotions, passions, motivations rolling in after the two eclipses that occurred in October that likely changed people’s lives and direction. Prepare for another powerful month with the Sun and Mars travelling in Scorpio for the majority of the month. Mars and Pluto are the ruling energies of Scorpio. Pluto went direct as the Sun moved into Scorpio October 22, and with Mars travelling so close to the Sun the themes are of scorpio: death, transformation, resurrection, passions, sexuality, knowledge. 

Saturn turns direct November 4 in the sign of Pisces. Pluto and Saturn are major power players so notice forward momentum after several months of retrograde activity. Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus still remain in retrograde motion.

A new moon occurs November 12 at 2am. The Sun and Moon sit at 20° Scorpio, the degree of mysticism in the Zodiac where realities are revealed to those who listen.  This is a time of intuition and truth. Watch, pay attention and participate. You are important. The core of this is non-violence, practising and learning to love.

The full moon occurs November 27 at 2am with the Sun at 4° Sagittarius (still conjunct Mars and Ceres) and the moon at 4° Gemini.

Mars, your ruling planet travels next to the Sun so expect powerful energy to resonate with you all month. This gives you energy (and power!) to shine as we go into the darkest times of the year. 

Last month’s eclipse ended the two year Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle so recognize the massive shifts that come into your life at this time. Releasing all that is not for you is the major theme, all while walking into your personal rights. 

A powerful month to kick-start a health program and make sure your attention is on your work. Chaos and empowerment rage through the Scorpio energy causing deep psychological healing for those who are willing, open and receptive.

Scorpio’s energy this month is sitting in your celestial fifth house which governs creativity, play, romance and children. This is a month of creation if you will/allow the energy to work its power. It all depends on how you look at it.

Leo energy and Scorpio energy form a square in the zodiac. This is similar to oil on water: they don’t mix but together they can be incredibly beautiful. The potency of each can be experienced through their contrast.

All that was hidden or unseen has come to the surface to be cleared and cleansed. The next two years are a balance of self versus other and all the dynamics that occur in between this polarity. It’s a purifying time. 

Security and stability are enhanced this month. The Scorpio energy sits in your celestial second house. Last month was the first of the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle that will play out over the next two years: expect the unexpected, and that change is inevitable.

A two year cycle is ending for you where financial and relationship/partnership karma has massively been cleansed and cleared. It’s a new beginning although new information is still coming in. A time of integration. Bonne fête!

A month to download information! This means spend time in meditation with an open mind, and listen. Many “Aha” moments, clarity and understandings, as Scorpio energy permeates your twelfth celestial house representing the subconscious mind and sacred space. Bonne fête!

A month that places intensity and power into your eleventh celestial house which deals with dreams/creation and community. Your dreams may manifest powerfully and/or are intense, powerful, passionate and purifying. This energy is in relation to groups of people or community, and are about coexistance.

A month of forward momentum and clarity regarding major decisions. It’s a great time to spend travelling, studying/learning or in business. The full moon of November 27 forms a trine to your energy providing energetic support for you: fullness, completion, fruition.

It’s an extremely spiritual month for you that sets the tone for the next two years with a major theme of “you” vs “I.” A time of balance in relations and great spiritual attainment if you attend with your heart. Major hellos and major goodbyes.