November 2022 Astrology

November begins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving in tight conjunction through Scorpio opposite the north node conjunct retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Surprises may occur this month. Trust the process as there are forces beyond us that align with our paths. Mars entered its retrograde October 30 and is travelling through Gemini until January 12, 2023. This time can feel frustrating as our actions may not necessarily reap rewards, but this energy can be used to finish old projects and create order for when momentum occurs again. Recall: Mars rules our sexual energy and our yang energy - our energy to get things done in this world. Mars is the ruler of Aries and known as the “planet of war,” we can see it in the night sky with a red hue. 

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury have finally gone direct after a long retrograde so although Mars is retrograde, energy may be lifting and shifting. We are also just past the eclipse portal, this year it’s the Taurus-Scorpio polarity so expect change over the next six months and in particularly dealing with Scorpio and Taurus factors of life: sexuality, the occult, finances, everything about the self-including self-esteem, safety including the home, bank account and our health. To see how this affects you personally, you will need to look at your individual chart.

A month of a range of emotions as the sun moves through the deepest emotional sign, Scorpio. Shifting into Sagittarius, the energy will begin to get lighter and an understanding of these emotions will come through. 

A time when karmic energies are coming up to be shifted and released. It’s a time to embody your hidden gifts and move into your highest self - this may require strong boundaries and some goodbyes. Practice mindfulness and gratitude this month.

A month of insights and revelations which may be shocking and lead to huge shifts. We outgrow ourselves many times throughout life. It’s ok if you have outgrown a part of you and have a new truth. Move with your inner compass.

A grand trine of water energy occurs this November so it’s a favourable time for Cancers who see the opportunity to take advantage of. Find your inner willpower to make positive change in your life.

The first half of the month feels very different for you than the last. The first two weeks are intense and a good time to invest in deep inner work while the last two are jovial and great for adventure and exploration.
Action this month is best taken in business, financial planning and making sure any legal settlements are organized. It’s a time when everything to do with your money is best attended to.

Relationships and sense of self, physical body and identity are your ruling themes this month. It’s a great time to practice mindfulness and self-supportive techniques. It’s also a great time to invest in your health.

A powerful month as the eclipse, planets and the grand water trine support your energy. The shifts that can happen at this time will last for years to come. It’s a date with destiny and a time of spiritual revival.

Eclipses clear out karma and bring in our dharma. Since Jupiter, your ruling planet, is also finally direct, you will notice momentum in your life this month despite a retrograde Mars.

It’s a good month to devote your energy to aspects of your life that slowed down due to the retrograde activity of the planets over the summer. Know that Mars is retrograde so there may still be some frustration.

It’s a busy month of communication, social engagements and expansion in social arenas. There may be frustrations with Mars retrograde. Travel the path of least resistance over the next three months.

Financial luck enters your life as Jupiter expands your finances. Lots of months of building foundation and clarity has led to this fruitful time. It’s all about aligning the inner energy first.