November 2020 Astrology

November is marked with intensity and momentum as the sun moves through the sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. The energy of Scorpio is about death, rebirth, regeneration and transformation. Scorpio is a fixed water sign that rules the occult, sexuality, the afterlife, passion and intuition that plunges deep into the undercurrent of reality.

An exciting phenomena occurs this month - most planets are direct by the end of the month (only Uranus and Chiron are retrograde). When planets go direct (move forward in the sky from the point of view on Earth) we experience forward momentum on Earth.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, our thought processes and our nervous system. Mercury turns direct November 3 (also election day in the USA) in the late signs of Libra and travels through Scorpio for the rest of the month, adding a mental intensity. Mars, the planet that rules our drive goes direct November 13. November 15 brings the new moon in Scorpio with an exalted theme that should feel very uplifting. Venus ingresses into Scorpio November 21 as the Sun ingresses into Sagittarius. Neptune goes direct in Pisces November 28 and November 30 is the full moon, which is also a penumbral lunar eclipse. Eclipses are times of change on Earth so expect change as we enter into December.

A very happy birthday to the November Scorpios and the early Sagittarians.

It has been both an inward and retrospective time. Mars, your ruling planet, goes direct and continues to travel through your sign so aspects of reality you have already (re)visited will be visited again, however this time there will be change. 

While the sun travels through Scorpio, the opposite sign of the zodiac of Taurus, great balance can be achieved. Your career is a highlight this month. Keep patience until mid-month when Mars turns direct and momentum occurs. Also: stay calm!

This month has potential for profound changes as the eclipse occurs in your sign. It is said that eclipses have a way of moving us toward our destiny so prepare to have what is not best for you removed from your life and to be aligned with where you are meant to be going. 

Earth should start to feel a little bit more normal this month as planets turn direct. Prepare for the rapid change of pace that will be coming by the end of this month. What is the best way for you to move forward? 

Scorpio - Leo energy form a “square” in the zodiac, like oil and water. They do not mix and are completely different in nature but together are beautiful. Find the beauty to express this truth. Surround yourself with the people who see you truthfully. 

This is a charged time on earth and the stagnation of 2020 moves this month. There is great opportunity for you so take charge. The energy of the sky is aligned and everything is set up so you must simply walk the path. Furthermore, you have the whole month to prepare.

This year has been an inward, slow time and it cumulates this month with a focus on relationship and connection to finances. It could feel emotionally heavy with all the Scorpio energy so take time for yourself everyday to breathe fresh air and declutter your mind. Stay fresh.

Co-creator/creatrix: this month holds incredible opportunity for you, especially in the sector of love. The planets are aligned to help you and your heart. You have the biggest power in the zodiac, of all the signs so harvest it and manifest what you will.

The eclipse cycle is along the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity so big changes are occurring for you. Eclipses are like the hand of God shuffling energy around on Earth: it is best to trust the process and helpful to expect the unexpected and trust the process.

The Big 3: Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are commanding you to full self-mastery. For those having a hard time, see how you can shape up. For those who’ve mastered their energy: watch these planets support you as they move direct in the sky.

Relationship clarity comes after the middle of this month, after a year of introspection and retrospection. There is potential for unexpected surprises and new information which your ruling planet, Uranus, creates. Do not make major decisions until the end of the month.

Your ruling planet, Neptune, goes direct at the end of the month so 2020 will finish for you with some major changes. However this occurs in your life will be a major shift as this occurs with the eclipse. Information will be bubbling up all month so pay attention.

This year has been an inward, slow time and it cumulates this month with a focus on relationship and connection to finances. It could feel emotionally heavy with all the