November 2019 Astrology

The Sun transiting through Scorpio is always my favourite month. It’s dark and sullen, gloomy and so felt by everyone. Scorpio represents all of the emotions intuitions and sensations. Halloween is when the veil between the worlds gets real thin and one can speak with the spirits. This is Scorpio energy: sullen, sensitive and sexual.

Major planets are direct this month so there is forward momentum. Neptune, the planet of dreams, idealism and illusion also goes direct which provides clarity by year-end.

The Full Moon occurs November 12 and brings new perspectives, lands and foundations related to your degree of perseverance. It is a happy energy about what is real at deep levels, as Scorpio is all about depth. Pay attention to the messages, your intuitions. This is a Magic Mountain rising from the Waters energy meaning strength comes from your heart, not your intellect. Listen to your heart to manifest Heaven on Earth. This moon will be quite angelic.

November 26 brings a New Moon, the Archer of Spiritual Truth. This energy is about natural evolution, in whichever way it manifests in your individual life. It is about learning new steps, one at a time, with patience. This moon brings an unveiling, a deep vulnerability and a release of negativity from the body and mind. Do not be surprised if there are tears, words, assertive behaviour.. it is a form of purification to lift and release.

You are similar to Scorpio as you are both ruled by a type of fire within, a passion. Be careful of your mouth this month as you may say some harmful but true words, which can not be taken back.

The sultry energy of this month is soothing to you in its mysterious and dark way. Like the cold and yin side of the mountain, there’s something soothing in the death and decay that comes before the winter frost. Cozy up and enjoy.

You are similar to Scorpio in very different ways. Did you know that it is Mercury, your ruling planet, that is the only one that can deliver the messages of the underworld? Share your messages, you hold the occult knowledge too.

An intense and sensitive month for you full of passion. It’s overflowing and soothing to feel these emotions but realize that perspective is just that: a perception. Before getting upset, know that you might not see the whole picture. Humility is key, ask questions.

Leo and Scorpio energy form a ‘Square’ in their dynamics meaning basically that water and oil do not mix. This month is that for you, not a mixture however there can be a dance between very opposite energies: beauty lies in the interplay.

Momentum forward feels good although the changes this fall brought might have been disruptive. Organized as you are, sometimes you can not account for this. Anxiety can come from attempting to control that which you can not. Do not micromanage!

This month may feel intense for you however at least it feels real, really real. Mars, the planet of action, will power and sexuality travels through Libra for the first half of the month so do your to-do list. It’s a good month for it.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and scary people on the planet. We have a month-long of lots of Scorpio energy especially with the Sun, Mercury and Venus (and then Mars) sitting in Scorpio so enjoy the depths that you naturally thrive in. Your key is learning to trust your self. Release control!

Happy birthday to many of you! You are as passionate and sensitive as a Scorpio however the intensity it just a bit less as you are more trusting of the Divine Plan. You really like to speak (the truth, often) before thinking of how your words may sting another so be careful this New Moon especially.

Scorpio energy combined with your energy can be quite exquisite or it can be quite depressing. I would suggest a creative outlet this month. I have bets on a very beautiful product that shows how deeply sensitive you actually are.

Where you match Scorpio is in your intensity. Scorpio is emotionally intense and you are mentally intense. Write something this month! Poetry, music, teachings and knowledge. Share with others.

Pisces, you have a very special connection with Scorpio as Scorpio energy brings you back into yourself. You are the mist, sometimes you can't even tell who you are while you are so busy feeling and sensing your surroundings. This month attunes you to you and your heart and your truth and all you can do is speak words that tell the story.