November 2018 Astrology

Two different themes happen this month however in all, it’s a really great month bringing lots of improvements in people’s lives.

The first week everyone is spending time feeling the depths of their heart and their love relationships, revisiting old places in love, coming to terms with some aspects in love, and really just feeling the depths of it all. Venus in retrograde is bringing up the unfinished business, aspects are coming up in relationships for momentum forward.

The dark moon and new moon November 7 is sullen, lots of Scorpio energy, our really deep emotions we haven’t wanted to plunge to are going to be felt. This is good, the only way to move emotions is to truly feel them. Sit with them. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the ruler of Sagittarius moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius at this same time so although we are feeling these emotions, we also feel this expansion and a jovial feeling that we have not felt in over an entire year! A true level of emotional freedom occurs this month.

Mid-month is a total switch of energy and this Month gets really happy and jovial. Mercury does go retrograde mid-month so communication can start to go wanky already by November 7. Mercury rules communication, travel and electronic devices. It’s actually normal to all of a sudden have problems with your computer or your phone breaks or you missed your plane, the text didn’t send, what not. It’s annoying but funny when you recognize how much the planets affect us. Try to be extra careful with how you communicate because it easily can be misconstrued during this time and you will be internalizing and revisiting some aspects of the past 3-4 months. Spending time alone is good to do this. Getting up to date with your meditations so to say.

Mars moving into Pisces mid-month gives an ethereal feeling to how you get things done, somehow your to-do list just gets done almost magically. Pisces is special like that.

It’s all about your business and career which will be super successful the next few months, do your TO DO list.

Partnership is where your energy and attention is, clarity comes with the new moon and momentum comes with the full moon.

This month has potential to be one of those moments in time for you that changes everything! Major cross roads with a strong love potion in the mix, sail those magnolia winds!

Work could be changing for you this month. You are more into play-mode for the first half of this month anyway so follow that.After the full moon, the mundane tasks will get done.

Keep focusing on your home, family and emotional wellness. Career matters need more research and important decisions should not be made just yet. Happy money comes easily.

A very internal month for you and the home front has your attention. Clarity comes at the end of the month especially with regards to your love relationships. A good month for extra meditation.

Balance in partnership comes by the new moon; that which seemed to be moving backwards moves forwards again. Your teaching of October was to find your direction and thus momentum is finally occurring since this was completed. Happy birthday.

A happy prosperous month and you just want to adventure everywhere! Do it! Harmony is felt greatly for you. Happy birthday to some of you too!

Spiritual interests, dreams and intuitions are your themes. Deep introspective understandings and internal changes. Caution with career decisions until after mid month.

The first half of this month is for your career, the second half is very social with friends, groups, community gatherings, all up your alley! Enjoy.

Your career is highlighted this month and communication of all kind with regards to it and surrounding it is happening. Be extra careful with communication as Mercury stations and goes retrograde.