A Multi-Sensory Experience

When you hear “mountain town,” arts and culture isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind. Over the last eight years, the Wapiti team has been a beacon for another dimension to our community. Wapiti set out to bring great music to the people. And what evolved from that simple concept, was a multi-sensory experience that has gained loyal fans and welcomed newcomers every year.

The Wapiti music festival experience is a joyride for the senses. Here are five hot tips to wow all five senses and get the best use out of the “mind blown” emoji.

Hear. Performance and production. The party is not in the beer tent. The party is happening in front of the stage. Take in the exceptional talent and technical production together as one. It’s a beautiful coming together just like a Naramata pinot noir and a goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin. Trust the lineup and plan to discover new music.

Sight. Breakfast jam! See something no other festival will… ever. New this year Wapiti presents a morning jam session at 10am Saturday in the beer tent. Special guests from the weekend’s lineup will engage in a one hour must see jam sesh. Free for ticket holders.

Taste. Beer and wine. We upped our wine game this year by actually travelling to the Okanagan and tasting the wine that would pair best with our fest. Dirty Laundry Vineyards from Summerland BC for the win! Expect a rosé, a sauvignon blanc, and a merlot.
#roseallday #havesomesav

Touch. Reusable cups. Help us go green by purchasing a reusable beer or wine vessel. Get your hands on them. We try to be as green as we can at Wapiti. Join the green movement by purchasing a reusable wine or beer cup. For wine snobs. The wine cups are double walled. See, we think of everything!

Smell. Food. As you weave through our forested Vendor Village the smell of food will stop you dead in your tracks. You’ll close your eyes and devise a plan to buy whatever took you to heaven for that brilliant half second. Plan for at least one meal, but bring enough cash for two just in case. New this year you can take your beer and wine into the Vendor Village to truly take in the nuances of the food and beverage pairings you pick. Note, we will never judge you for Instagramming your food.

Lastly, I’ll just mention that in the extrasensory department, the good vibes flowing through this place is like no other. Wapiti brings the community together and for one weekend we are one big music family, all of us. Every person is welcome.