May 2023 Astrology

May is a pivotal month of the year, and possibly a pivotal month in a lifetime. This month is all about boundaries as Mercury, the planet that rules communication - including our own deeper communications with self- travels retrograde through Taurus until May 14 when it turns direct. The Sun in Taurus is illuminating this deep self-conversation. Major shifts in lie may occur as the stars emphasize the need for communion, communication and beginnings. Don’t be surprised if a love that has fallen is revived or love enters your life. Another theme this month is natural fulfillment and following your deepest desires. Mars opposes retrograde Pluto for quite some time this month making it one of the most powerful months of 2023. 

There will be tests and challenges, passion and perseverance. It’s a month dealing with destiny and dedication, pulling individuals into their truthful path on earth. Surprising shifts are imminent. 

Sun: Taurus —> Gemini May 21 Mercury: retrograde in Taurus until May 14 Venus: Gemini —> Cancer May 7 
Mars: Cancer —> Leo May 20

Full Moon: 10am May 5: 14° Taurus Sun (conjunct retrograde Mercury) and 14° Scorpio Moon while Mars opposites retrograde Pluto —> Theme: The future is in your hands: no communion without communication.

New Moon: 10am May 19: Sun and Moon sit at 28° Taurus while Mars continues to oppose retrograde Pluto and Mercury (direct) is conjunct the north node and Jupiter —> Theme: Realization of the heart’s desires, beginnings and passionate movement to build “home.”

A grounding and relaxing month for you where the simple pleasures are embraced. A great month to plant and spend time with the feminine energy of the earth. Nourish.
A very strong month for you as so many planets sit in Taurus this month: the 
Sun, Mercury, North node, Jupiter, Vesta, Uranus. These are all supporting your energy to feel nourished. Major growth.

An incredibly introspective month for you where it’s all about you: your needs and your boundaries. So much good comes from this. It’s a powerful month to make the moves your heart is calling for.

Mars travels through your sign, and Venus joins later this month. It’s always all about home and caring for your loved ones but this month, it’s even more so. Everything you do right now is for the love of your home, your person, your children, your nest.

Mars moves into Leo and lights up your passions and will power. An intensely powerful month with lots of introspection and retrospection. If there are important words you need to say, it’s a good month to speak to that person.

Taurus grounds your energy to relax a little bit more this month. It’s a time to nourish, plant seeds, hang out with the earth energy. A month for revitalization and taking time for you.

An intense month for you as boundaries of self are of utmost importance. It’s ok to pay attention to you and focus on you. It’s a good month for meditation, a retreat or really spending some good time in solidarity with self (and heart).

One of the most powerful months of the year as the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse of last year is wrapping up and causing the whirlwind in your life to make sure you are following your heart and are on your truthful soul path. Embrace this.

Feminine energy of growth, nourishment, relaxation and receptivity enter your energy field. This is the month to relax, rest, spend time taking care of you in all the ways. Sleep in more, have baths. Relax and rejuvenate. 

Taurus earth energy supports your earth energy to keep a solid and sturdy path. Surprises may come this month, but perseverance and dedication are your allies so that achievement (with intense passion) are formed by the powerful energy of the planets.

Taurus energy grounds your mental energy so much that it would be a supportive month for you to enter an ashram, retreat or even vipassana. The messages that can come to you this month, if you would just sit and wait for them, could be life changing. Be as still as possible and pay attention. 

The physical world is more concrete for you this month with so many planets in Taurus. This is a good thing. It’s time to ground your wants, needs and intentions and make moves to fulfill your heart and soul-truth. Speak.