May 2021 Astrology

For most of the month, the Sun, Uranus, the Moon, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, Mercury, and the North Node are all travelling together in the sky in late degrees of Taurus and early degrees of Gemini, and Neptune travels in the sky with Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom.

So much is happening in the sky, and Astrology allows us to predict patterns. To me it looks like there will be another lockdown as planets begin to go retrograde by the third week of May, especially with Pluto retrograde and Saturn joining. This is the theme of power and control. It will not be as extreme as the first lockdown but there will be a revisit of this energy as Pluto retrogrades to the same place in the sky. Remember, retrograde energy is a revisit of the past, and an inward time. 

There are some very special energies this month with great opportunity though, especially the first three weeks. Communication will be light-hearted and it is a great time to rest, plant, have fun, be creative and romantic. The theme of nourishment is pervasive, and home and family are everything this month. Identity is also a very major theme, which includes discernment, authenticity and differentiation. Truthful alignment and guidance of self, with meditation being key. 

There is potential at the end of the month for revolutions as the sun sits in the energy of the sky that speaks of revolution and shifts. During this time, the moon which rules emotions sits in place that speaks of wisdom, insight, clear vision and poised energy. It is a major time of change.

The month will feel slow for your energy, and as planets re-enter retrograde it may even feel frustrating. Patience for the next four months is crucial.

Soak it up! So many planets are in Taurus this month and this allows you lots of power to excel and feel supported in life.

The culmination of the Gemini-Sagittarius 2020 eclipse occurs for you this month. A shadow is illuminated but even the shadow itself is light. A great sense of finality.

A very grounded month for you after a year and a half of waiting. All the Cancer things around the home are the way to be, so enjoy cooking, resting, nourishing, family and home time.

May 9 is a very special day for your energy this month where mind and matter meet and there is an ability to conquer this realm through mind-set, to bring in the higher forms of existence. 

A month of synergy and progression! Taurus energy is synergistic with Virgo as Earth signs stabilize each other. Likewise, the Gemini energy that comes by the third week is also synergistic as Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini.

The first three weeks are a great time for you to communicate and as communication is ultimately all we have, this brings great opportunity. Mid-month is an energy of potential, an infinite ocean of virgin space. Creation is your theme.

All the Taurus energy sits directly across from you so it’s a balancing month for you, creating a grounded and nourishing, soul-revival time. This month allows you to spend time with you, instead of soaking in all the other energies.

A balancing month for you too, and alignment. The eclipse energy of 2020 is culminating for you this month, how far have you come? Especially in the last six months? Gratitude is always the special key in transformation.

Pluto, the planet of power has turned retrograde in Capricorn this month, and your ruling sign of Saturn also goes retrograde by the third week of May. Your themes are power, insight, control, discipline, structure and restriction.

The theme for you is your immediate environment. The slowness of this month allows you to ground your mental activity and perhaps gain some refreshing inspiration.

It’s a new time on earth, the seed was planted a long time ago and it’s sprouting. Your ruling planet, Neptune is bringing you lots of divine wisdom this month as it travels with Pallas.