May 2020 Astrology

We are in the birth canal of a new world with evolutionary years ahead bringing change to our personal relationships, interpersonal relationships and relationship to resources. The Council of the Thirteen (Indigenous) Grandmothers stated several years ago: “tie into the energy of your mother’s mother’s mother” because this is how slow life is about to go on Earth (again). The Hopi prophecies state they would see America come and go.

Now is the time to recognize how much the individual and collective are one and of each other. If a single individual is sick, the entire collective is also. It is a time of healing and purging, and every human must participate. It will be a lonely endeavour while each individual is forced to face themselves. Once the personal is transitioned through, the masses will meet in higher realms of consciousness.

Pluto retrograded in April, and on May 11, 13, 14, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter turn retrograde (respectfully), alongside Pallas, the asteroid of great wisdom, all in the last degrees of Capricorn (with Saturn now sitting at the first degree of Aquarius). In short, we have exponential growth coming our way and it is a restricted time of Spiritual Law.

Maintaining inner integrity is paramount. Help each other. This time is unfamiliar and shocking and requires acceptance and adjustment. Growing food is the best way to use your energy. Maintain a healthy schedule. Be open to a new ideology. The indigenous spoke a great truth: you can not eat money.

Chiron, the wound, has been travelling through Aries for several months, alongside the asteroid Black Moon Lilith, the shadow of the feminine. Every person feels this energy however it will affect you strongly. There is a theme of polarization and separation, with an urge for inner stability. Relationships of all kinds are changing.

Happy birthday! With the Sun travelling though your sign most of the month, it is natural to feel some extra support to align with your own energy. Make the best of this time and plant an extra big garden this Spring, with lots and lots of (extra) potatoes.

Venus turns retrograde in your sign on May 13 which gives an inward energy with regards to love, what you love and how you love. You will analyze both sides of a situation and re-evaluate. Love will feel stagnated until the end of June. The New moon of May 21 has an energy that awards faith -those whom have stayed true to their hearts.

Home is the place you love to be. Expressing your love to your loved ones whom you can’t see at this time can be done by cooking and baking for them. It’s a way you can nurture others. May you also be planting as many seeds as possible in your garden this spring.

These times can be brought to fruition through creative expression. Grab a paint brush or get online to poetry groups or acting groups, even singing groups. We have the internet at times like this, which is so lucky. Gardening is also a form of expression and strongly recommended.

It’s a great time of cleansing, spiritually, emotionally, energetically. It’s especially important at this time that the home is clean and organized which is great for someone who loves these tasks. All the to-do lists around the home getting done will feel extra satisfying.

Have faith in the divine for direction and balance. The physical and spiritual always co-exist. Earth will be a better place when this culminates however the transition may not be easy. Spend time within your own self each day.

May 7 brings the full moon in your sign and many deep aspects of the rooted consciousness of each individual are illuminated. The 17 degree of Scorpio is a degree known for its spiritual strength and often deals with powers hidden in the depths of the subconscious. It’s a good month to share your wisdom.

Virtuosity, a true attribute of your sign and energy is very important at this time. Everyone must recognize that the individual affects the entire earth. Each individual energy sends waves out and the outside reality of you responds to you. Heal thyself and heal the earth.

The occult energy will be palpable to the ones willing to receive. The teachings of the underground are rising and deep psychic and intuitive energies will be in the natural environment for those listening. Only release the thoughts you wish to create in your environment.

Saturn is retrograde in the first degree of Aquarius so it’s a time where many Aquarians should spend time in meditation, looking in, being retrograded and disciplined. How are you not meeting your divine truth? Get rid of all the habits and ways not aligned with your divine self.

Neptune, Mars, Ceres and Nessus travel in your sign all month. Spiritual Law has come down on Earth and with Nessus, the asteroid of abuse sitting there. It’s a time to sit with the truth of the soul and allow the soul to be at home with its truth, the nourishment is there. Are you living your truth? If not, it is time to go there or else it will feel like more of an abusive time than a soul-nourishing time.