May 2019 Astrology

This month deals with magnetisation and destiny. Spring brings regeneration of the spirit and being in tune with the divine. Three of the big weight planets went into retrograde in April: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and remain retrograde until the end of August. Pay attention to the people you meet at this time, along with following the rules and doing things properly. A lot of Spiritual Wisdom comes through so pay attention! The Dark/New Moon occurs Saturday, May 4 and special magic is felt. As the week progresses, Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius and proper knowledge comes close to Mercury. Mercury rules communication including thoughts. This will be a time of insight, brilliance, psychic-ness. Uranus is unorthodox in every way so don’t be surprised and follow your instincts.

Mars is in Gemini for the first half of the month and then into Cancer. Mars rules our energy to get things done, and also our sexual energy so you may find yourself distracted, easily bored and a bit wishy-washy work ethic with Gemini energy. Moving into Cancer, you find yourself more focused on home, nurturing, cooking, caring and cleaning.

The end of the month brings a LOT of Taurean vibes. The Full Moon occurs Saturday, May 18. There is a quiet energy of discernment, of being able to listen to your soul. Inner wisdom is pervasive. The love
and joy and enriching deep connection to the Earth is a reason for celebration.

People really want to learn from you mostly about how you are so YOU (teachings of self-esteem). In turn, these people help you slow down and become grounded. It is a win-win situation.

Happy birthday! This month is very energetically aligned with you, it’s rare life is as slow, steady and beautiful as you are. It will feel nice to not feel as rushed as usual so go enjoy those spring blossoms.

Also a Happy birthday! This month feels a little slow however this changes. In the meantime, just enjoy and use the slow times for spring cleaning. You will find a lot of psychic ‘knowingness’ comes to you, share what you are intuiting. Not everyone will have this same power.

Pluto and Saturn retrograding in your opposite sign of Capricorn allow you to find balance on many fronts: home and work, emotions and rationality, your masculine and feminine energies. This is a very destined month, pay attention to who you meet right now.

Spring is refreshing for everyone but the return of the sun really brings the return of your spirit. You shine extra bright and attract attention for it. When you smile, we all smile. Thanks for being you.

This might be one of your favourite months of the year. It’s nice and quiet and please don’t deny the inner job that comes with the ability to spring clean and reorganise. You know the best way to get things done, in the home and garden. Enjoy both.

May brings you balance. Spring is rejuvenating and the connection for you to Earth energy is strong. You might find yourself more social than normal and better able to care for yourself. Keep up the good habits and teachings you learn this month.

The theme for the first half of the month is feeling magnetised to the divine, you are aligned! The second half of the month is just as magical with a more grounded energy. You might realize your power to shift energy to higher frequencies especially towards the end of the month.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, being retrograde in Sagittarius is affecting you. You’re more internalised than normal however your inner wisdom is strong, as is your ability to connect with the divine. Spiritual truths are spoken to you, write them down and share them with others.

Pluto and Saturn, the two most karmic, cold, intense and strict planets are retrograde in your sign, with Saturn being your ruling planet. This affects you deeply until the end of August. Keep your spirits light as depressive tendencies are likely with this combination.

Creativity abounds for you and so much insight and knowledge comes that you might want to spend some time in meditation or doing calm activities as you are overly stimulated. If your mind is racing, turn your attention to your breath.

The divine facade lifts. Perhaps you fell asleep or forgot how much power you have; likely it’s that you travel with lower spirit energies and sense them so much that you get weighed down. Either way, this month you’ll connect with you.