Matt Kuhn

Hey, I’m Matt Kuhn—a Fernie local behind the camera. My path to becoming a photographer is a bit unusual. I grew up in Prince George, BC, and after bouncing around as a ski bum in several spots, I landed in Fernie in 2003. I started working at the cafeteria on the ski hill and quickly fell into an incredible community here. 

During the summers, I worked at a fishing lodge on the BC coast where one of my roommates introduced me to photography. 

With plenty of spare time and breathtaking landscapes, I grew passionate about capturing the beauty around me. This newfound interest led me to Victoria in 2008, where I attended photography school and actually earned a diploma in professional photography—I know, who would have thought that was a real thing? 

Returning to Fernie in 2009, I kicked off my career as a full-time photographer. These days, I’m always finding ways to merge my love for adventure with my photography work. Whether I’m on the ski hill, riding my motorbike, or fly fishing (and yes, occasionally scaring the fish), my camera is always by my side. 

Fernie, with its distinct seasons and diverse landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for my photography. It’s a place that constantly inspires and challenges me. Here, I capture everything from local businesses to weddings, adapting to whatever the seasons throw at us. 

Community is at the heart of what I do. After that first winter in 2003, I was hooked—not just on the place, but on the people. I teach photography classes, trying to pass on the skills I’ve learned and share the joy of capturing great moments. 

Collaborating with fellow photographers here is always a highlight; it’s fascinating to see how different eyes can capture the same scene in distinct ways. Going ahead,  I would like to keep learning and to dial in the balance of time between work for clients and more personal projects that I have been thinking about. 

Learn more about Matt and his work on Instagram @MKuhnPhoto, in his studio space across from the College of the Rockies on 3rd Ave in downtown Fernie, or view his prints on sale in Soco Soaps on 2nd Ave. He can also be reached via email at