March 2022 Astrology

March is both the end and the beginning of the zodiac cycle. As the Sun moves into Aries, we have the first day of Spring: 03/20, which represents this rebirth.

The Sun travels in the sky with Jupiter and Neptune most of the month bringing loving energy. Jupiter was the planet that ruled the god/the divine until Neptune was discovered. Pisces is also the sign that rules the divine so as previously stated, it’s an incredibly beautiful time on earth.

Venus moves in the sky with Mars and Pluto all month bringing an intense energy to the planets that traditionally rule love and sexuality. Mars also rules yang energy -our ability to do, to use our will. This is all moving in the sky in the signs of Capricorn then Aquarius. Themes of January/February will be revisited as these planets move through the energy Venus visited in retrograde.

Mercury moves in the sky with Saturn in Aquarius for the first week of March, so strong communication is a key theme, as well as new ways to look at old experiences.

The new moon occurs 03/02 in conjunction to Jupiter, providing a theme of qualification and protection. Boundaries are sacred and respect and trust are the major conditions. March 18 brings the full moon with a sense of fulfillment and refinement; rejoice in the end of the zodiac year and happy spring!

Happy birthday to the early Aries decans. March is an ethereal and serene vibration that is great for creativity, relaxation, yoga and meditation. Chiron, the wound, continues to travel though Aries and as Aries also rules house one, the self - everyone is feeling it. Be kind to yourself.

The north node of the moon has moved into Taurus and will continue here all year. This supports your energy as it gives an emotionally stabilized time to feel grounded, nourished and supported.

Mercury moves in the sky conjunct Saturn through Pisces then joins the Sun where they both enter Aries and approach Chiron. Communication is a major theme this month, strong and illuminated: speaking clear boundaries helps heal wounds.

It’s a beautiful month for love and doing what you love, perhaps with an intensity as Venus and Mars move together with Pluto. This major energy is occurring in opposition to your sign so it will affect you strongly.

It’s a very creative time for you and as the zodiac completes its cycle, you too are most likely completing a sacred cycle in your life. Death and rebirth are one. Keep the innocence of a child and these transitions become easy, just like flipping the page of life.

All the major Piscean energy is opposing your energy this month bridging your practicality into the mystical and divine. It’s a month where the esoteric influences such as crystals, tarot, astrology, yoga and meditation are worthwhile.

A theme of the sacred twins or divine lovers is taking place. The energy of the other is leading this year so it’s a nourishing year for Libras. Don’t search outwards, turn your energy towards your own endeavors and watch everything align.

It’s a new era and this is palpable. 
Major themes of the last six months are activating and progressing, and this very much surrounds the feeling of the dream manifesting as old karma is being cleared.

It’s a time where our karma and our dharma are activated in big ways. Prayer and devotional acts of service are ways to cleanse negative karma. This month aligns you truthfully along your spiritual path.

Venus, Mars and Pluto move through your sign for the first half of the month, making it a strong time for you full of energy,  love and intensity. March and April are your strongest months for 2022 so make use of it.

Lots of exciting breakthroughs happen this month as the Piscean energy inspires your energy and lifts it to higher elevations of consciousness. It’s a major month for communication. Poetry and song or theatre are recommended modes.

Happy birthday to the Pisceans! You are strongly supported at this time as Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun move through your sign. This month is perhaps the strongest month of this lifetime, go for your heart’s desires. It is a time of clarity and truth and a major time of healing. Major blessings.