March 2021 Astrology

Welcome to the best month of the year. March marks an incredibly peaceful time with destiny as the theme. Mars merges in the sky with the north node, in Gemini, while the rest of the planets move through Aquarius and Pisces.

All planets are direct this month, continuing to create momentum on earth. With so many planets in Aquarius and Pisces there is a palpable loving and mystical energy especially with the new moon in Pisces 03/13. The Libra full moon 03/28 has a bitter sweetness as the sun conjuncts Venus and Chiron to oppose the moon ie: the wound surfaces.

The sun moves into Aries 03/21 (along with Venus), and we have the rebirth of the astrological new year. In astrology (the language of energy), we have a new cycle, a new year, a refreshing energy to move through the rest of 2021, if used appropriately. If you pay attention, you can sense the difference between the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, symbolized by the fish, a mutable water (mist) sign, and the energy of Aries, symbolized by the ram, a cardinal fire sign. The energy of the first three weeks of March will be very different to the last week of March. A happy birthday to the March Pisceans and early decan Aries.

The last week of the month is your time to shine, and this continues into April. Learning reciprocity and feminine-receptivity for the first three weeks is key. Launch a new project or plans after 03/21.

A nourishing month for you and a great month to spend near water or in meditation. Pisces energy loves yoga, ashrams, and places of prayer but you do not need to actually go anywhere to do these things. 

Mars moves into Gemini 03/04 and therefore your energy to get what you want to get done is supported. You will feel this energy all month and into April. Go do what you will with this boost of energy!

The planets are providing you with incredible support to clear, cleanse and repair. It’s a time to go forward and to not look back. Relax and control your mind to be present, the past is no longer.

Future orientation is your theme and do not procrastinate. There is a theme of social connections and community-orientation. Release the trauma of the past and walk-on. 

Career, healing endeavours and partnership are your themes this month. Intimate relations, romance and interaction is paramount, and communication is the special key.

A time for learning, especially advanced university-type courses, religions, philosophy, culture and language. The full moon is in your sign 03/28. Health, career and service to others are major themes.

It’s a great time to launch a new business or project and let people know what you have to offer. Fun and creativity are your major themes, alongside a revival in health. A great time to provide healing work or jump-start your own health.

We are midway through the eclipse season, which is affecting Sag and Gemini energies the most. Stay positive and keep your vibrations high: rid your life of toxins, including alcohol, low frequency foods and definitely low frequency people.

Clarity comes this month and plans for the future no longer seem futile. This month is incredibly nourishing and regenerative which is perfect timing for the rebirth of the sun into Aries: a new cycle, a fresh start.

February’s amazing wave of Aquarian energy increased the vibration on earth and definitely supported your energy. Keep riding that wave throughout this month. Manifest the dreams that pop up, they are your guidance.

Possibly the best month of a lifetime if you connect truthfully. The key for you is honest communication, put your fears behind you and do not deny the obvious truth of your heart. Alignment is now.