March 2019 Astrology

This month is ethereal and soothing for all of the signs - a feeling of a dreamlike state where the power of manifestation is pronounced.

Mercury will be retrograde for most of this month, bringing up aspects of the past. As Mercury rules our thoughts, speech and communication in all forms are internalised and therefore miscommunication can occur. Be extra careful with how you express yourself, with authentic communication in even the most subtle sense. A feeling of being connected with the divine is likely, Pisces
energy is very ethereal and it is the mystical energy of the God-head so listen to how the Universe communicates with you. Pay attention. This is a good month to spend time in meditation and activities like Qi-gong, yoga and solitary time on the mountain.

Watery energy calms your fire and you may feel like you are walking through a dream. A greater connection with spiritual people warms your fire and your creativity is enhanced because of it. Happy birthday! An in depth Natal Chart reading might be a good way to welcome your birthday.

A month that feels soothing and ethereal to you, you will likely feel overly independent during it, with a heightened ability to absorb the wisdom that is available when one connects to the mystical universe. Uranus shifting into your sign on March 6 brings the unexpected.

Your ruling planet, Mercury is retrogradeall month so this gives you a feeling of retrograde -revisiting unfinished business. With all the Pisces energy, this feels mystical and magical, somewhat ethereal and your connection with the divine feels very strong. Finances are abundant this month.

This is a mindful and peaceful month for you, it’s best to stay inward in meditation and self reflection as you’ll find the rejuvenation that you need. You are especially sensitive and intuitive, and Mercury’s retrograde will bring you the answers you crave. Forward momentum happens at the end of the month.

Work-life balance is hard to maintain, you must keep your expenses in check as the elusiveness of the energy this month affects your bank account. Your love life is changing and aspects are being reconsidered. It is probable this is not your choice and a tension inside is felt. Meditation is good for you this month.

You are also ruled by Mercury and that is why you have a very mental, analytical energy that can be nervous at times. It will also be an inward month for you where mediation and extra self-care is necessary. Your professional life is abundant and lucrative so utilise this energy to progress with it.

Watch your savings and finances. You feel asif you are in a dream all month and might understand some of the deep illusionary aspects of this realm such as your ability to see yourself in all. Take care of your health with sleep, long baths and some yoga.

You merge with the waters and romantically there is a great peace. There are many forms of love however the best brings a peace that percolates. Love sustains and cradles it all, the greatest sadness, anger and hatred. Your career and life in general is full of abundance and opportunities, manifest your desires.

You are attracted to work and seem to be busy while others are more relaxed. Find your work-life balance especially as Mercury retrograde may bring misunderstandings and Uranus may bring the unexpected. Daily 4-7-8 breath practice would be a powerful way to balance yourself.

You continue to excel on the work front and 2019 is prosperous. Watch your expenses and spend only for the necessities, take a step back from all aspects that are needless and could lead to monetary loss. Concerning yourself with family and excelling in studies is ideal.

This is a wonderful month for you and your sense of feeling, instead of knowing, the divine permeates your heart and spirits. You feel you can express yourself and that you are understood and that is a relief for you. This is a month of spiritual growth. Refreshing.

A muse is a person who is the source of inspiration to the creative artist. In fact, the Creator needs this energy or the fire that lifts the mists is lost and the mystical sinks into the mundane. This month is aligned and the force of love brings it all together. Happy Birthday Pisces, your world is coloured again with roses and it’s for the long haul.