Mantras with Tricia Clark

In a kingdom of calm, Tricia Clark is the queen. She is serene in her nature, finding the sea beneath her feet wherever she may travel. Ebbing and flowing, she manifests the wisdom she and countless others before her have generated on the earth through a mantra.

I found Tricia in front of a crystal singing bowl at a free (yup, some things in life are still free) meditation class at Soar Studios. Her generosity of spirit was contagious and as we chanted together, I was reminded of how simple connection can be. I was reminded how vibrations can heal and what it meant to me that this gifted healer had shared her free time and powerful energy.

The mantra is born out of the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. This 3,000 year old, daily ritual is everlasting. It’s a sacred Sanskrit utterance, numinous sound, and believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. So, how does one lean into the power of vibration and repetition? By taking some time away from your distractions, finding a quiet place to sit, and by breathing in and out. Deeply.

Here are a handful of mantras Tricia so graciously shared with me.
First in ancient Sanskrit, then translated into English.

I encourage you to devour them, as they will feed you endlessly…

Let’s begin:

1. So Hum 2. Om shanti, shanti, shanti 3. Sampriya hum

“I am that “Peace of mind, peace of body, “I am perfect

I am all that is” Peace of speech contentment”

4. Dharma hum 5. Shreem nama 6. Anada hum

“My life has purpose “I honor the abundance “I am bliss”

and meaning” of life”

7. Om kleem shreem 8. Dhanya vad 9. Aham prema

“I attract devine abundance “I feel gratitude” “I am love”

and blessing in my life”

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