Magnetic Love

It all comes down to love. Love is all you need. The love for one’s self, one’s family, one’s surroundings. There are plenty of reasons to choose love. In Japanese culture if the words that express love are not accompanied by the behaviours of love, they are considered empty. The French are not liberal or profuse with it, and Norwegians have their very own symbol for it!

I remember learning in a psychology class that people can literally die if they are denied love at a young age. If the basic necessities of life include love, shouldn’t we be giving more of it?

Magnetic Love
By Sadie Rosgen

Love is the moment,
the entrance,
an unwavering swift thrust
of trust and comfort.
An uplifting crux that has us wild and savage
mad and ravaged,
keening with grief or gleaning from ear to ear.
Fearless of the future,
present and completely clear.

Love is the question and the answer,
an echoed response from the past,
a feeling that lasts beyond our lifetimes,
our anytime reason to feel like we matter
to ourselves and to everything.

It keeps our secrets,
worries our minds,
and finds time to let us waste
away the day dreaming daringly of anything more powerful, but nothing can come close…

love is it